9 champions at Worlds 2022 still have a 100 percent win rate

There’s only one series left before the 2022 League of Legends World Championship ends and we have some astonishing stats about champions ahead of the finals between T1 and DRX.

There are still nine champions that have a 100 percent win rate in the tournament (only considering the main event). According to stats site Games of Legends, Yuumi, Sivir, Yone, Jayce, Braum, Kindred, Karthus, Nocturne, and Rakan are all undefeated at Worlds.

Throughout the tournament, Karthus, Nocturne, and Rakan have only been played once. Everyone will remember the Karthus game played by GAM Esports’ jungler Levi when he handed Top Esports the crucial loss that sent them home in the group stage. As for the other two, Nocturne was played by T1’s Oner in the semifinals against JD Gaming while Rogue’s support player Trymbi played his pocket pick Rakan once again against TES.

Going through the order, we have Braum with two wins, played both by DRX’s support BeryL, once in groups and once in the semifinals against Gen.G. Jayce and Yone are the only two top laners in this list, with respectively three and four wins on the board: all of these champions were only played by Korean players, and Zeus was the only one to win with both.

Kindred also has four wins and no one apart from Pyosik played it during the tournament. The Korean jungler is famous for playing his comfort pick and he has had great success with it so far, currently totaling a 6.8 KDA, according to Games of Legends. There’s a high chance this pick will be present during the finals as well: we’ll 토토사이트추천 see whether Pyosik can maintain the perfect win rate토토사이트

Last but not the least, we have Sivir and Yuumi, respectively with seven and eight wins. The two have often been played together in the bottom lane: six wins came exclusively from this duo. Between the two, however, Yuumi is the real difference maker.

The magical cat is the only champion with a 100 percent 메이저사이트 win rate that also has a high pick-or-ban presence, with a total of 95 percent, and second only to Aatrox in that department. With such shocking numbers, Yuumi 메이저토토 will be a contested pick during Worlds finals, which will take place this Saturday at 5pm CT.

How to play AP Kai’Sa in League of Legends

Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void, is an unconventional AD carry that can represent both the traditional front-to-back hyperscaling AD carry and an elusive assassin that can obliterate your backline in just several seconds.

Released in 2018, Kai’Sa’s kit revolves around 메이저토토사이트 stacking raw attack damage, attack speed, and ability power to evolve base spells into Void-imbued lethal weapons. Unlike Kha’Zhix, who has a similar evolution mechanic, Kai’Sa levels 메이저놀이터 have nothing to do with her evolution, but she rather needs to gather 100 AD, 100 AP, or 100 percent attack speed from various sources to become 안전놀이터 the unstoppable killing machine on Summoner’s Rift.

Although it’s optimal to evolve all three spells—Icathian Rain, Void Seeker, and Supercharge— that’s rarely the case. Normally, Kai’Sa opts for an AD-heavy build centered around Icathian Rain and Supercharge so that she can output huge amounts of damage in short periods of time and kite around frustrated bruisers and tanks that just can’t catch you. Although AD or on-hit builds are typically the most optimal builds, that doesn’t mean Kai’Sa can’t go heavy AP build and completely shift her gameplay from a rapid and elusive assassin into a long-range poke mage that apparently has no cooldown on her abilities.

If you want to become that annoying Kai’Sa that won’t stop spamming her Void Seeker in ARAM, you’re in the right place because we’ll cover the ins and outs of AP Kai’Sa, together with the best runes, build, and gameplay strategy in League of Legends.

Best AP Kai’Sa runes

It’s definitely tempting to choose Arcane Comet, Electrocute, or even Dark Harvest when playing AP Kai’Sa, however, the best keystone is Hail of Blades. This is largely due to Kai’Sa’s passive Second Skin, which essentially functions in the same manner as Vayne’s Silver Bolts.

In other words, Kai’Sa’s auto attacks and Void Seeker apply stacks of Second Skin up to five times. When you reach five stacks and proc Caustic Wounds, Kai’Sa will do bonus magic damage based on the target’s missing health. Although proccing Caustic Wounds is of the utmost importance when playing AD Kai’Sa, it’s essential to proc Caustic Wounds to properly execute your targets once you ult them.

With all this in mind, your safest bet is Hail of Blades since you can easily proc your passive on an already low HP target.

Next, you should take Taste of Blood to have at least some healing in your kit. Other options in this row are suboptimal since, with Cheap Shot, you need to rely on your allies’ CC, and with Sudden Impact, you don’t have a rune until you ult. So, Taste of Blood is easily the best option in this row since you can proc it regularly.

Then, take Eyeball Collection. The reason behind this is pretty straightforward: more AP.

In the final row of the Domination tree, choose Treasure Hunter largely because the AP build is a gold-dependent build. You can also go Relentless Hunter if you plan on rotating often and farming up in the early game.

For your secondary tree, Precision is easily the best pick. In the Precision tree, you’d normally choose Presence of Mind for mana refunding and Legend: Alacrity.

The additional runes should be Attack Speed, Adaptive, and Armor.

After setting your rune page, it should look like this:

AP Kai’Sa build path

Since you’re playing AP Kai’Sa, you’ll need to start with Tear of the Goddess and two Health Potions. Bear in mind that you’ll now be far weaker during the laning phase, so you’ll need to pick your fights carefully. On top of that, you’ll probably struggle against your lane counters like Draven and Caitlyn even more since you won’t be able to strike them back.

After the first back, you’ll look to buy Caulfield’s Warhammer and a Long Sword to complete your Manamune as soon as possible. Once you have Manamune in your inventory, you’ll start building either Luden’s Tempest or Crown of the Shattered Queen, depending on if you need more damage or survivability during skirmishes and teamfights. At this point, you’ll have your Void Seeker evolved, and you’ll need to buy at least Nashor’s Tooth to complete your Icathian Rain evolution.

When you have your core items—Muramana, Luden’s Tempest, and Nashor Tooth— you can buy your boots. If you’re looking to play as a poke mage, Sorcer’s Boost are the best buy. And if you’re looking to play as an AP-AD carry, Berserker Greives will give you Supercharge evolve.

For the rest of your build, you should build Void Staff to have Magic Penetration and top that off with Rabadon’s Deathcap.

In the end, your build should look like this:

AP Kai’Sa gameplay strategy

The most important thing to remember about AP Kai’Sa is that she scales hard into the mid to late game. So, she will not be as strong as AD Kai’Sa during the early game. Since you can’t output as much damage as you normally would with an AD or on-hit build, for your best, you should spend early game farming up and getting your core items: Muramana, Luden’s Tempest, and Nashor’s Tooth. Once you evolve your Icathian Rain and Void Seeker, you become a poke mage akin to Zoe that can easily dash across the map and assassinate high-priority targets. Bear in mind that Void Seeker, if hits an enemy champion, reduced its own cooldown by 77 percent. So, if you know how to hit your skillshots, you can spam Void Seeker every two to three seconds. Since Void Seeker is your main ability as AP Kai’Sa, you need to hit all of your Void Seeker when a skirmish or a teamfight breaks out, or you’ll be rendered useless.

So, your job as AP Kai’Sa is basically to sit back, spam Void Seekers at enemy champions to poke them, and eventually, use your Killer Instinct to assassinate their squishiest targets like mages or marksmen 메이저토토

AP Kai’Sa counters

AP Kai’Sa has little to no counterplay since she can stand way behind her team and endlessly spam Void Seeker. AP Kai’Sa is at her weakest during the laning phase since she doesn’t have her evolves. So, you’ll need to shut her down before she comes online with her core items. The champions that are living hell for Kai’Sa are Caitlyn, Kalista, Draven, Ashe, and Miss Fortune since they can either poke down Kai’Sa and not even give her an opportunity to farm up, or shut her down with an engage support like Blitzcrank or Nautilus.

Head coach Bengi can make history at Worlds 2022—if T1 lift the Summoner’s Cup

After more than a month of incredible League of Legends action, there are only two teams remaining in the 2022 World Championship.

This coming weekend, T1 and DRX will collide in an explosive battle filled with multiple storylines that could break into the history books, including one coach who could make his mark with a win for the boys in red. If T1 are able to bring home the Summoner’s Cup, the team’s interim head coach Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong could become the first person to win the tournament as a player and a coach.

Bengi has been a League coach since he retired from pro play in 2017. The 28-year-old last played in the LPL for Vici Gaming but is most well-known for his stint with SK Telecom T1 from 2013 to 2016. Across that period, he won Worlds three times alongside legendary players like Bang, Wolf, Duke, Impact, and the greatest of all time, Faker.

After a two-year break from any participation in the pro scene, Bengi returned as the head coach for T1’s Challenger team in 2021, where he helped the squad win a championship during that following Spring Split. He was quickly moved up to the main roster’s coaching staff and eventually became the interim head coach before the start of Worlds 2022 안전놀이터

Should T1 take home the championship this coming weekend, Bengi would break into a category of his own. Not many League players 먹튀검증 move forward to become coaches, which means that the veteran jungler could hold a record by his lonesome for quite some time.

But he must rely on the new generation of T1 talent to take 먹튀검증사이트 down DRX in the finals of Worlds 2022 to do so. The underdogs have written themselves a thrilling Cinderella story and the only thing missing is the fairy 토토사이트 tale ending where they lift the trophy over their heads.

You can catch the exciting conclusion to this incredible event on Saturday, Nov. 5.

VALORANT celebrates Halloween with spooky new skin bundle

To celebrate the spooky season, Riot Games is offering VALORANT players a new Halloween-themed skin bundle.

Soulstrife will be available in the shop starting today 토토사이트추천 and will come with a series of terrifying cosmetics.

Included is a scythe that looks like it belongs to 메이저토토 Death himself, as well as a Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and Ghost. Appropriately, three of the weapon names fit perfectly with the theme. The skins look similar to the Reaver and Reaver 2.0 collections, which are two of the most popular skin lines in the game. But instead of purple, Soulstrife is black and white and shrouded with a ghostly mist.

VALORANT bundles tend to remain in the store for one to two weeks. After they retire, players will have to pick them up individually through the rotation or from the Night Market at a discounted price. Not every skin is eligible, however 토토사이트

According to notorious data miner floxay, Soulstrife will cost 7,100 VP. Sold separately, each gun will cost 1,775 VP, and the scythe will set players back 3,550 VP. There will also only be one update and it won’t include color variants. This has yet to be confirmed by Riot.

Soulstrife is expected to enter the shop later today 메이저사이트 when VALORANT Patch 5.09 hits the live servers at around 8am CT. The release date may differ per region and will likely come later in Europe. The patch will also almost certainly bring a series of balance changes to the game.

New VALORANT bundle: All Soulstrife skins, bundle price, and release date

The VALORANT Soulstrife bundle will feature a gray and black theme with some haunted textures with Omen-like ghoulish guns. The prominent weapon of the collection is the Scythe, a new type of knife in VALORANT, but it’s unclear if it will receive its own animation dissimilar to other typical knives.

The bundle is set to be released 메이저토토사이트 tomorrow, Nov. 2, when the Ion 2.0 bundle has been removed from the shop.

The collection, which was codenamed Haunted, according to 토토사이트 data miner Floxay, will feature the Scythe as the new melee alongside the Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, and Ghost, with a spray and card too 메이저토토

The collection will cost 7,100 VALORANT Points for the bundle. Each weapon skin will cost 1,775 VP while the Scythe will have a hefty price tag of 3,550 VP, but it’s likely the most desired skin in the bundle.

Since there is only one upgrade available, it’s 메이저놀이터 unlikely that the bundle will feature flashy animations, unlike the recently released Ion 2.0 bundle, which was a tad more expensive because of the potential upgrades.

There are no chromas or variants, according to Floxay, with one upgrade available. This will likely add additional animations for the spooky collection, which bears a striking resemblance to the Ruination bundle, just in a different color.