Marie Murphy Chronicles

2 February 2018

What Winter Doldrums?!? Another Exciting Month at Marie Murphy!

Marie Murphy Creative Writers Earn Regional Recognition From Scholastic

Marie Murphy's creative writers were recognized for their outstanding performance in the regional Scholastic Writing Awards this January. The following students will be honored at a ceremony in downtown Chicago and the "Gold" selections will be advancing to the national competition later this spring. Congratulations to all of our students who submitted their writing to the competition!

Marie Murphy Gold Winners Include:

  • Devon K. - A Multicolored Dream - Poetry
  • Devon K. - The Beach House Purse - Short Story
  • Kaitlyn K. - What Was Left Unsaid - Memoir
  • Anwyn L. - Dreams of Occult - Fantasy (American Voices Nominee)
  • Alana M. - Take The Pills - Poetry

Marie Murphy Silver Winners Include:

  • Dodge A. - Alzheimer's Clips - Memoir
  • Alyssa M. - How We Define Ourselves - Memoir
  • Amelie P.S. - Before It's Too Late - Memoir
  • Spira S. - Princess - Short Story

Marie Murphy Honorable Mention Winners Include:

  • Maddie M. - The Final Months - Memoir
  • Ellie S. - The Emptiness - Memoir
  • Emily V. - One Day - Memoir
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Sci Oly Continues Strong Season with Outstanding Performance in Ohio

This past weekend the Varsity Science Olympiad team traveled to Centerville, Ohio to compete against some of the best teams in the country from six different states. The Marie Murphy team came in 4th out of 66 teams, being edged out of 3rd place by a single point. The three teams that finished ahead of the Science Vikings were the last three Science Olympiad National Champions.

Awards were given for 1-8th place with the following Marie Murphy Science Olympians being recognized for their outstanding performance:

  • 1st Place: Meteorology - Zijun D. & Alex A.
  • 2nd Place: Anatomy - Zijun D. & Jeffrey Y.
  • 2nd Place: Towers - Elizabeth F. & Nicholas W.
  • 3rd Place: Potions and Poisons - Anya L. & Calla W.
  • 4th Place: Ecology - Emily Q. & Alek B.
  • 4th Place: Rocks & Minerals - Mia M. & Ellie S.
  • 6th Place: Experimental Design - Dodge A., Xingyuan H., & Ellie S.
  • 6th Place: Write It, Do It - Anya L. & Emily Q.
  • 7th Place: Fast Facts - Kaitlyn K. & Calla W.
  • 7th Place: Hovercraft - Dodge A. & Ellie S.
  • 8th Place: Dynamic Planet - Dodge A. & Kaitlyn K.

Marie Murphy Artists Recognized in Scholastic Regional Competition

The regional level of the Scholastic Art Awards were announced this week and, similar to years past, Marie Murphy artists we recognized for their talent and the excellence of their submissions. These students listed below will be honored at a ceremony at the University of Iowa, as the affiliation covers several midwestern states. The "Gold Key" recipients will be advancing to the national competition.

Congratulations to these young artists!

Marie Murphy Gold Key Recipients Include:

  • Audrey C. - Peacock - Drawing and Illustration
  • Maddie M. - The Pirate Skit - Animation
  • Emily Q. - Huevember - Digital Art

Marie Murphy Silver Key Recipients Include:

  • Patrice K.- Nascha - Drawing and Illustration
  • Kevin L. - In the Spotlight - Drawing and Illustration
  • Nicolette Z. - Lost In Space - Painting

Marie Murphy Honorable Mention Recipients Include:

  • Nicolette Z. - Spring Is In the Air - Painting
  • Riley U. - Puppy Eyes - Drawing and Illustration
  • Lauren S. - Baby Chick - Drawing and Illustration
  • Alicia P. - In Lavender Rain - Painting
  • Alana M. - Revolution Time - Drawing and Illustration
  • Patrice Kao - Through My Eyes - Photography
  • Daniela K. - Fierce - Drawing and Illustration
  • Sophia D. - Weird Is Beautiful - Drawing and Illustration
  • Sophia D. - A Flame Within - Ceramics

French Vikings Bridge the Atlantic with Paper and Pen

The French students in 7th grade have gone international with their friendships! Starting in late autumn, Mademoiselle Mishinger's pupils began corresponding with French students in France. Marie Murphy initiated the penpal process, having sent letters in November. They recently have received responses to their letters from their French counterparts, and we will respond to them soon. The hope is that the students will have the opportunity to Skype with their new-found friends at the end of the year!

Viking Ballers Wrap Up Fantastic Season!

The Marie Murphy Varsity Boys Basketball team wrapped up successful season last week!

The boys team finished the regular season record a 14-2 record. Traveling to Central School in Glencoe for the end-of-year tournament, the team defeated Sears in the quarterfinals and defeated Washburne Green in the semifinals to set up a championship game against Glencoe White. The Vikings fell in overtime having to fight off a determined opponent and an especially raucous Glencoe student section! The boys worked extremely hard all year long to improve during both practices and games. This included Saturday practices, 6:30am practices, and film sessions. The boys grew individually as players and together as a team. They supported each other in triumph and defeat. They maintained a positive attitude and strong work ethic all year long and did everything that Coach Malstrom asked of them and then some!

Congratulations to our Guys Varsity Basketball Team!

Namaste, Vikings, Namaste

During PE classes this month, Marie Murphy students welcomed Ms. Katie McCarthy from Haven Youth and Family Services. Katie taught introductory yoga lessons to all students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th. Students learned the basic fundamentals of yoga which included breathing techniques, stretching and flexibility exercises and relaxation strategies.

Upcoming Events at MM

February 5: Board of Education COTW Meeting

February 7-February 8: 8th Grade Conferences

February 15: Avoca West & Marie Murphy Choral Concert

February 16: 7th Graders Ice Skating Field Trip

February 19: No School - Presidents Day

February 22: Board of Education Meeting

February 23: Student Council's Volleyball Tourney

February 25: PTC Fun Fair & Silent Auction

February 27: 8th Grade Graduation Picture Retakes