F.A.C.E. Time

Vol 3 Issue 8 - April 2022

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Mission: Engage and empower family and community stakeholders through division collaboration of resources, services and information that leads to a well-balanced and successful student.

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Mrs. Karvala’s Kindergarten class at King's Grant Elementary School salute for the Month of the Military Child.

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Dey Elementary Month of the Military Child Display

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Old Donation Chess Team Captures State Titles!

Twenty-two Old Donation School students competed in the State Scholastic Chess Championship in Fredericksburg March 25-27, 2022. Over 400 players in grades K-12 from across the state participated. The ODS team of Sid Y (individual 3rd place trophy), Jonathan N (individual 4th place trophy), and Timothy F (individual 8th place trophy) captured the K-5 State Blitz Team Champions title. The team of Sid Y (Individual 3rd place trophy), Jonathan N (individual 11th place trophy), and Pranav Mo. (individual Top-rated under 1400 trophy) captured the K-5 State Champions title for the main event. ODS also captured 1st place in the K-5 section for players rated under 1000. The team consisted of Timothy F (individual 2nd place), Devika P (medal), Aanya J (medal), Trevor G (medal), and Jayden G. Shrihan P captured the 5th place individual trophy for the K-3 Championship section as the only ODS player. In the section for K-3 players rated under 600, ODS won 3rd place with the team of Aaria J (individual 6th place), Windsor G (medal), and Ram S.A. In the Middle School section for players rated Under 1200, ODS earned 3rd place team with Pranav Ma. (individual top player rated under 900), Shrihan M (medal), Alvin A (medal), Samuel S (medal), Ishaan P, and Harrison M. In the highly competitive Middle School Championship section, ODS took home the trophy for 2nd place team with Alen A (medal), Eeshan D (medal), Soham P, and Prasannaa C. The team is grateful to parent coordinator Jennifer Gettins for keeping their training going with Hampton Roads Chess Association via Zoom during a year of virtual and hybrid schooling, as well as off-site for a portion of the current school year due to COVID restrictions. We are also grateful to world-famous chess streamer International Master Levy Rozman (GothamChess) for his generous grant that funded the team's entry fees for the state championship and supplemental training with our local National Masters and world record holder for Blindfold Chess, Grandmaster Timur Gareyev. In the upcoming months, several of these students will be traveling across the country for the Elementary and Middle School National Championships, also generously funded by Gotham Chess.

Holland Elementary School Participates in Art and Writing Contest sponsored by The National Association of University Women and The Chesapeake/Virginia Beach Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

The National Association of University Women and The Chesapeake/Virginia Beach Chapter of The Links, Incorporated partnered to sponsor a local contest for the Links National Poster Competition and the Eastern Area Young Masters 2.0 writing competition. Sixty students (grades 1-5) from Holland Elementary School participated in the art competition. The theme for the competition was “The Art of Social Justice to Transform Communities”. The visual art was grouped in two separate categories: Grades 1-3 and grades 4-5. First, second, and third place winners were selected from each group. The work was judged by members of the

Arabia 12 Shriners, Portsmouth, Virginia. The Arabia 12 Shriners awarded $100 cash prizes to each of the 1st place winners: Janella Buensuceso - 1st grade and Armando Torres - 5th grade. The Chesapeake/Virginia Beach Chapter of The Links, Inc. awarded $50 to each second-place winner: Jazlina Morris - 3rd grade and Aydrien Weddle - 5th grade, and $25 to each third-place winner: Kinda Seleim - 5th grade and Christian Thaxter - 3rd grade. The National Association of University Women presented certificates to all semi-finalists and finalists.

Tiffani Gallop - Let Me Be Great Children’s Yoga

Born in New Jersey, Gallop was first introduced to the Hampton Roads area as a young child around the age of ten. She lived in Virginia Beach throughout her teenage years and young adulthood. She graduated from the Governor’s STEM and Technology Academy at Landstown High School and later continued her education. She received her associate's degree in science from Tidewater Community College and later earned her certification from ECPI as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Currently, she works with the youth as a Special Needs Nurse.

With the combination of working in the nursing field, and her personal experiences having kids with disabilities, she realized there is a need for these children to learn coping strategies. She wasn’t completely sure how she would picture that all coming together until she took her first yoga class. After taking the class, she completely fell in love with the concept of yoga and how freeing it can be. She introduced the idea to her family and decided to take her ideas to an even further level on a larger scale. Later earning her official certification as a yoga instructor, she began teaching lessons to children in the community. Adding her own flavor to the lessons, she incorporated many social-emotional coping strategies, tools, and techniques that she obtained as a nurse. Eventually, with the help of her co-director, the company was established, and “Let Me Be Great Yoga” was born into what we know and love it to be today.

Working firsthand with children who have disabilities in the nursing field, she understands how to meet the needs of children on all levels. Being able to understand what they are going through and collaborating with them is important in guiding these children to meet their goals. In her own childhood, she wasn’t provided with the skills to cope with her emotions and effectively express them when communicating. This inspired her to make sure the children in her community were provided with those skills, through her yoga lessons. The yoga lessons provide children with a positive outlet to express themselves and improve their communication skills. If everyone was able to communicate in a healthy way “the world would be a better place” (Gallop).

By providing the space for children to become more comfortable with themselves and learn better forms of expression, the company meets its main goal. Their main focus is to “have children achieve their level of greatness through yoga”. As they are also trauma-informed and mental health CPR certified, they have been able to partner with a multitude of organizations in order to really dig deep into providing the children with coping strategies, stretching both their mind and muscles. “Let Me Be Great, allows children to be great” Gallop stated, as the skills taught through the yoga sessions can be life-changing.

Recently expanding across states to a second location in North Carolina, the company continues to make a difference in many people’s lives. Let Me Be Great goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of children, and makes it stand out amongst other yoga companies. In times when a family is unable to bring their child to the location of a lesson, the company travels to meet the family exactly where they are. The company also makes it a priority to personalize each and every session to fit the child. A lesson with children who have autism will look very different from a lesson with children who are in a wheelchair. The yoga lessons have also made many life-changing impacts on the children. A child who entered the yoga lessons never speaking a word apart from using a device, spoke her first verbal word in one of the lessons which was “yoga”. In another scenario, a child shared with other children on the playground at school, the breathing techniques they learned through yoga. The company is also very family-oriented, oftentimes Gallop will bring in her own children to participate so that the other children can feel more comfortable.

Let Me Be Great not only prioritizes the children in the community, but also the community as a whole. It’s important for the company to be involved with the community, because by coming together “we can make it a better place” (Gallop). Most notably in 2019, they held a back-to-school event. Renting out Pembrooke mall, the company was able to be sponsored by over 50 different companies. They gave away over 250 backpacks and school supplies to children across the community, and it was a huge success.

Alongside her positions as a yoga instructor and nurse, Gallop also is a published children’s book author. Although she had aspirations as a child to write books, she never imagined herself actually pursuing it as a career in the future. She credits a close friend for giving her the confidence to put her thoughts into words and sharing what yoga means to her with the world. She became very passionate about her writing, as it serves as a way for her to help children with literacy. Most notably in the African American male community, many boys begin to show difficulty with reading in about 4th grade due to a lack of access to books. Gallop strives to ensure that her books reach these audiences, while simultaneously catering to children of all levels. Some children have vision deficits, and a lot of the images in the books are darker colored to fit their needs. There are also children who have difficulty touching certain textures, and the books are published in four different textures so that the children can find joy in holding the books.

Gallop’s advice to future entrepreneurs planning to start their own companies is to truly have a passion for it. She believes it's essential to “love what you do with all of your heart because there will be hard days”. The people you serve and having a connection for what you do is what will keep future entrepreneurs going in the long run. She also puts a strong emphasis on the fact that future business owners should “savor the good moments that you have, even if it's small” and take every day with gratitude.

Gallop credits her team and amazing co-director, for helping make her dreams come to real life. Everything she accomplished wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn't for the support from her family, community, staff, volunteers, and sponsors.

India Hoskie

F.A.C.E. Intern

Kempsville High School Entrepreneurship and Business Academy Student

Connect with a Wish

Connect With a Wish is a non-profit organization in VB benefitting local youth in foster care from newborns to young adults who have recently aged out of foster care. Our mission is to connect the wishes and needs of local youth in foster care with the generosity of our community. We provide the resources and support needed to give these children the opportunity to grow into positive and productive members of our community.

We provide a guest speaker to raise awareness of the group. We are able to offer a variety of item drives throughout the year. We can collect handmade items from the students such as bday cards and framed positive quotes. We can also offer intern positions in the fields of social work, human services, and non-profit. At CWW we are open to discussing other ways to make an impact on our VB students. Students and teachers can find us at www.commectwithawish.org and on FB, Instagram and Twitter. We look forward to building our connection with VBPS and impacting the future of our community. Please take a moment and watch our video below.



Supporting Students with Anxiety and Depression

June 13, 2022 ~ 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Virtual)

July 14, 2022 ~ 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in Fredericksburg, VA (In-Person)

Dr. Tori Stone and Dr. Shekila Melchior from the School Counseling Department at George Mason University will provide an overview of signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in youth. They will offer strategies for supporting those identified students in your role in the school community. Tier 1, 2, and 3 supports will be discussed and time will be provided for questions.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Differentiating between anxiety and stress
  • Differentiating between depression and sadness
  • Warning signs and symptoms
  • Appropriate responses to anxiety behaviors
  • Behavioral de-escalation
  • Suicidal ideation in youth
  • Mitigating long-term effects of mental health issues at a young age
  • The role of supporting adults

Intended Audience

This training is intended for School Counselors, K-12 educators, school and campus security personnel, prevention providers, law enforcement, probation officers, school and campus administration, treatment professionals, student conduct professionals, prosecutors, residence life staff, and other interested school, campus or community personnel.

Partial In-service Credit

Partial In-service Credit (PIC) for law enforcement and School/Campus Security officers will be offered.

Cost and Registration

There is no fee to attend this training. Pre-registration is required.




Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop (TWBW) teaches STEM and life skills through the building of wooden boats and other nautical activities including rowing and sailing. TWBW has various programs for youths ages 10 through 24:

• Summer Camps- ages 10 - 18 -Week-long day camps filled with nautical and marine themed activities. Projects include building a model sa ii boat, leatherworking projects, knot tying, an environmental science station, rowing, sailing, and more!! Students will be able to take home many of the projects they complete and will leave with new skills and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Camps will be held weekly in July of 2022.

• After-School Programs-ages 10 - 18-Fall/Winter/Spring Trimesters-Students attend one two-hour session per week. They will build 14-foot sailboats and learn to row and sail them on local waterways. Our next full trimester begins September 26, 202.2.

• Pre-Apprentice Program- ages 17-24. Get paid to learn carpentry and job skills that lead to meaningful employment through our connections with local industries. Our next class starts on September 19, 2022.

All TWBW youth programs are free!! Students must have their own transportation to and from the workshop. No previous tool/woodworking experience is necessary.

Join one of our fun and exciting programs in which over 800 kids have participated since 2015. Our shop is located at 910 Ballentine Blvd in Norfolk (just off of 1-264)

For more information, visit our website twbw.org To sign up for any of our programs, contact us at:

CONTACT@TWBW.ORG OR 757-937-6812

The Adventure Park At Virginia Aquarium

It’s field trip time! The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium is ready to host your class for a much-needed excursion. Your class will love ziplining and climbing through the trees, and you’ll love being their favorite teacher. We offer special rates for groups and easy planning with a dedicated Group Sales Specialist. Contact our Group Sales team at 475-988-0988 or groups@myadventurepark.com to get your group on the calendar today.

Children greatly benefit developmentally from being outdoors. Studies have shown that students who learn outdoors develop: a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision making and problem solving skills, empathy, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative.

Why Choose The Adventure Park?

Take advantage of our free lesson plan materials to incorporate a visit to The Adventure Park into your curriculum, including:

· A fun and unique Maker Space project for elementary or middle school students

· Adventures in STEM program for elementary or middle school students

· Opportunities for SEL and Growth Mindset exploration

· Physical Education credit for high school students

American Diabetes Association

Project Power is a fun afterschool program by the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) with the aim to slow the trajectory of childhood obesity through health promotion, nutrition education, increased physical activity, and family involvement. Project Power is for ages 5–12 to help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, and the complications of diabetes.

This program empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices to develop lifelong habits—delivered at no cost in-person or virtually.

Features of Project Power:

  • Activity Box: Filled with instructive activities and supplies
  • Group Time: Intentional programming in small groups led by counselors
  • Family Engagement: Parent e-newsletters, polls, surveys, and more.


Session 1: March 29–April 14, 2022

Session 2: May 3–19, 2022

Session 3: September 27–October 13, 2022

Session 4: November 1–17, 2022

Dates and Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays
4 p.m. CT | 5 p.m. ET

Register today at https://forms.gle/i8whDBQn12BdmGf28

For additional information visit: http://diabetes.org/ProjectPower

Music Theory Studios Summer Camp

A different kind of summer camp!

  • Audio Engineering
  • Beat Making
  • DJ Class
  • Fashion Design

Register online at musictheorystudios.com

or call 757-961-6202

Papa John’s SUPPORTS all Virginia Beach Schools

Papa John’s supported schools with over $50,000 last school year alone (2020-2021).

Start earning your piece of the pie today!


Earn 10% back EACH month, with a chance at a TOP 40 prize ranging from $250 - $10,000

WHOLE School Fundraiser Card sales - Schools can earn $7.00 back from each $10 card sold. Cards can take up to 1 week to receive from Papa Johns to your School! 70% PROFIT 😊

Email: Christina.Pasterczyk@pjunited.com if interested.

Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love is SPRINGING into action to feed families in need whether the need is financial, health-related, or emotional. We hope to SHOWER your family with some kindness and a hearty meal very soon. You MAY request a lasagna at https://www.lasagnalove.org/request/

We feed families spread kindness strengthen communities!

Youth Suicide: Risk and Prevention Conference

Bringing Support, Care, and Hope to Our Children

Event Date: May 05, 2022

End Date: May 06, 2022

Begin Time: 8:30 AM

End Time: 3:15 PM

Facility: Virtual

Credits Offered:

  • - 12.00
  • Attendance - 12.00


  • Professionals seeking CME or CEUs: $25.00
  • Other professionals or parents/caregiver: $10.00

Tidewater's community celebration of Israel's Birthday for the ENTIRE community.

Experience Israel without leaving Tidewater!

Sunday, May 1st, 2022 12:00-4:00

There will be something for everyone at United Jewish Federation of Tidewater's and Simon Family JCC's annual celebration of Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day.

By taking a tour of Israel, situated outdoors on the Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus, the community will experience some of the exciting tastes, smells, attractions, and sites that make Israel the country she is today.

  • Get a taste of Israel with the culinary renegades Gili and Ohad from Meat Carneval.
  • Place a note in the Western Wall.
  • Shop and haggle over art, Judaica, and jewelry in the Shuk.
  • Explore the boardwalk in Eilat.
  • Catch up with the Innovation Nation in Tel Aviv.
  • Enjoy Bedouin hospitality in a desert tent.
  • Visit a kibbutz to learn about community, ecology, and small farming.
  • Camel rides, the Biblical (petting) zoo, art activities, digging for shekels..​

FREE and FUN for all ages and faiths.

Volunteer Opportunities available: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040a48ada622a4fb6-yomhaatzmaut

Virginia African American Cultural Center - Masterpiece Series

VAACC will culminate its popular virtual Six-Part Artist Masterpiece Series with Actress, Author, and Film Director, Morgan McCoy’s one-woman show “Evolution of a Black Girl: From the Slave House to the White House. This will be followed by a live Q and A with the audience coordinated by the Masterpiece Series Producers, Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond and Shevette Jones.

Morgan is an American award-winning actress, author, motivational speaker, educator, CEO of a production company, M.A.M. Inc. & Executive Director of her non-profit, A.C.T. 4 Life, Inc. She can be seen on national TV commercials, films, & most recently the supporting Actress in the Box-office Hit, and Award-Winning Movie "Harriet" starring Cynthia Erivo and Janelle Monet.

Viewers must register in advance online at HERE for this free, virtual event hosted in part by Dominion Energy, and the Virginia Beach Arts & Humanities Commission.

This Artist Masterpiece Series are free, virtual events that focus on alternate career paths within the arts. The goal is to educate the public on professional career paths from artists who successfully work behind the scenes and achieve great success. The series began in October 2021 and continues through June 2022. Each artist will share their expertise from concept to successful completion in their chosen medium through conversation, demonstration, and performances. Viewers can participate in a live Q & A with the artists.

Previous Artist Masterpiece series can be viewed at: the Virginia African American Cultural Center YouTube channel.

ACT: Raising Safe Kids Program

Bon Secours Family Focus is pleased to offer “ACT: Raising Safe Kids” a nationally recognized interactive parenting program for parents and caregivers of children birth to 8 years old. This program helps parents to understand their child’s behavior and the ages and stages of child development. Please join us!

Tuesdays, May 3, 2022 to June 21, 2022

4:30p.m. to 6:30p.m.

BSHR Community Health Hub

4700 George Washington Highway

Portsmouth, VA 23702

COST: FREE!! (Registration Required). Please call our Family Focus Office at 757-886-6704.


Please join the Virginia Beach Youth & Community ActionTeam for an open conversation about

mental health and the resources that are available to those in our community.

We will have guest speakers representing the VirginiaBeach School Counseling Department, a student from Virginia Beach Public Schools, and a representative from National Alliance on Mental Illness to assist in leading our discussion.

Register at ycatcoalition.com

Tidewater African Cultural Alliance

Paid Opportunity - Student Assistant Needed

Seeking a self-motivated high school student to work part-time as an assistant to our Executive Director to strengthen TACA's social media presence and assist with in-person events. Duties will primarily include crafting a weekly content calendar to present to the Executive Director for posting across TACA's social media channels, and presence and assistance at events.

Must have own transportation.

Rising Juniors and Seniors Preferred

Compensation up to $15/hour

Apply at bit.ly/tacahsassistant


Big Brothers Big Sisters

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. Our mentors, or Bigs, and their Littles spend up to 12 hours per month together working towards meaningful goals. Whether it's learning a new skill or becoming more confident, our matches engage in positive experiences while having plenty of fun along the way.

Research is showing us that our youth need strong mentors now more than ever and we are committed to being there to answer that call.

This event is a fun-filled afternoon of bowling, games, excitement, and an opportunity for everyone in our community to join together to make a difference.

If you have any questions about Bowl for Kids' Sake or our mentoring program please contact:

D'Arcy Giovine

Special Events & Community Outreach Manager


804.261.4940 x111

Ocean Breeze

City Employees Save

Do you have a valid City or School ID? You qualify for an exclusive 2022 Season Pass price of $64.99, if you act by April 30th!

That's a $35 savings off of the regular pass price of $99.99! Purchase online now or visit our ticket window.

Unlimited admission for one guest age 3+ any regular operating day of the 2022 season.

Your season pass entitles you to the following benefits:
15% off All-Day Admission for friends and family
10% off Food & Beverage (excluding Alcohol) & Merchandise

Not valid special events. No refunds. $1.99 convenience fee per pass. Voucher must be presented at the ticket window, with your valid City ID to receive your season pass card. Upgrade fee will be charged if employment cannot be verified.


Kumon Math and Reading Center

The Kumon Math and Reading Center of Virginia Beach - Hilltop is located at 1577 Laskin Road. At Kumon Math and Reading Center we share a common goal of helping students reach their full potential. Together, we can work to ensure that every child accomplishes this goal.

Kumon’s after-school enrichment program uses individualized lesson plans to ensure students are able to progress at their own pace, developing a solid grasp of math and reading. Through daily practice and mastery of materials, students increase confidence, improve concentration, and develop better study skills. The program emphasizes skills necessary to become an independent learner, as each student works towards the ultimate goal of studying material beyond his or her own grade level. The best part is that we are a year-round program. We run our classes throughout the summer as well.

We have the capability to use different platforms: Zoom, Google classroom, Skype, Facetime to name a few. During this difficult time of COVID 19, we want to help. Our focus is Reading and Math, and we would like to support your teachers in any way needed. Being a parent of five I know the difficulties of balancing multiple kids' school work virtually.

Kumon of Virginia Beach - Hilltop has implemented Zoom meetings (through Calendly) for every student 1 - 2 times a week. We are eager to give back to the children in our community by sharing our passion for learning. We would be thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our time and sponsorship to your school and students. Please contact us by email or phone.

To schedule an appointment via Zoom use the following link https://calendly.com/kumonhilltop/15min

National Flag Football

  • This 7-practice/6-game season held on Sundays is a 5 vs. 5, non-contact, recreational, co-ed format.
  • This is an exceptional program for first-time players who want to learn the fundamentals of football. This is also a wonderful opportunity for players who want to continue enhancing their skills before taking the next leap into tackle football.
  • Games will take place between 11:00 am - 7:00 pm on Sundays. Practices take place one hour prior to game time each week to ensure a convenient and fun experience for all
  • Participants will receive an NFL reversible jersey and flag belt, theirs to keep!
  • Our program relies on volunteer parents to coach our teams. We will provide several resources along with a comprehensive coach meeting to ensure all coaches have a fun and successful season!

The Up Center’s Foster Care & Adoption Program needs foster parents!!

Did you know there are more than 1,000 children in foster care in the Hampton Roads community? You can provide support, love, and help them see their greatest potential by becoming a foster parent.

  • Are you at least 25 years old?
  • Do you have a stable income?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle?
  • Do you have at least 1 bedroom for foster children?
  • Will you clear background checks?

If you answered yes, then you may qualify to become a foster parent with The Up Center’s Foster Care & Adoption Program. Join us for a free, no-obligation Virtual Information Session. We will share the application process, the support our team provides, and answer all of your questions. For more information, contact Sabrina Carr at (757) 965-8638 or sabrina.carr@theupcenter.org .

Visit our website at https://www.theupcenter.org/foster-care-adoption/

Red Cross

Blood Donation

We are currently in a National Blood Crisis. We are asking for schools to help promote blood donation by hosting blood drives. For elementary and middle school, we have a program called Pint-Size Hero. Students learn about the importance of blood donation and they are tasked to recruit adults to donate at the drive. High schools can host a blood drive for students 16+ to donate.

Preparedness Training

We have several free courses that we can provide in-person or virtually.

  • Prepare with Pedro - Kindergarten
  • Pillowcase Project -3rd Grade
  • Large group hands-only CPR - family night or community event
  • Free Fire Alarms - any home

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers 16+ to serve as Blood Donor Ambassadors. This is a great opportunity to earn hours and give back to the community!


We are available to provide preparedness training to parents and families. We can adapt the training to meet the needs of individual schools or the division.

For additional informaiton

Tower of Games

Is your tween/teen looking for a fun and exciting adventure this summer?

Dates & Times
June 27th-July 1st (Mon-Fri) from 10:00 am-2:00 pm
July 25th- July 29th (Mon-Fri) from 10:00 am-2:00 pm

What we provide
Everything your child needs to play D&D (dice, books, character sheets, etc.)
Snacks & Drinks
One Unpainted Miniature
Miniature Painting Lessons (Paint Included)

Visit https://forms.office.com/r/s1cdC1sYj3 for more information.

*D&D Summer of Adventure is for youths ages 10-17. If you have additional questions feel free to call or text 757-353-5706.

Operation Smile - FREE Virtual Field Trips

The new Anthony L. & Hideko S. Burgess Interactive Learning Center (ILC) located at Operation Smile's Global Headquarters in Virginia Beach serves as a “Window to the World,” allowing visitors to journey alongside our friends who are affected by cleft conditions as they seek the safe surgery and comprehensive care they need and deserve.

Operation Smile is offering free virtual field trip opportunities. The program supports lessons in Career Exploration, STEM, Cultural Understanding, Social Emotional Learning, and more!

Operation Smile is currently offering the Empathy Journey Workshop, ILC Class, live Virtual Field Trips, and Guest Speakers.

If you are interested in booking, please email with your requested time/dates and program of interest and we will start planning your experience!

For questions or general information, please email ILC@operationsmile.org or visit www.operationsmile.org/ILC

We look forward to the opportunity to engage with your students!

Sports Power Pros - Mentoring and Well-Being Support Through Sports

Coach Sherman Givens with Sports Power Pros offers well-being services with a unique delivery through sports.

Sportspowerpros would like to assist VB Schools with providing Mental Health Wellness services to students who may be experiencing anxiety, depression & other mental health concerns to eliviate some of the pressure that the teachers may be experiencing.

1. High School Program in Virginia Beach Schools

2. Group sessions after school

3. Topics Anxiety, depression, Covid19, Fear, bullying, other mental health topics.

4. All groups will be coordinated by Qualified Mental Health Professionals and/or Certified Substance Abuse Counselors.

Contact Sherman Givens QMHP/A, CSAC-A


757-392-5098 or 917-969-2520

CHKD Winter Programming

CHKD 2022 Winter Programming is HERE!

Visit to view the Digital Community Connections Bulletin.

It contains lots of great information and links to register for webinars, workshops and events.

NEW – Webinars on Demand, Five Minute Fatherhood Podcasts and Wellness Forums for Spanish Speaking Families.

Christian Resource Center

We are offering the following free services to any of your clients who may be interested in the following:

  1. Free Internet Access/WI-FI, computer access, fax, limited copies and printing, Student Development,
  2. Financial Literacy, Tutoring/Mentorship, Job Search (assistance with Resumes, Job applications), GED
  3. Help and Educational Advancement Resources, Family Planning/Counseling, Spiritual Support, Notary
  4. Translation from Spanish to English and we speak Spanish.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in these areas send them to our facility.

549 Newtown Road, Suite #105

Virginia Beach, VA 23462



Arts for Learning Virginia FREE Programs

Arts for Learning is excited to offer a free performance to you, our community partner. Our performances come with flexible options for arts-in-education programming—in-person, virtual, and on-demand. Please contact Aisha Noel, School and Community Relationships Coordinator to schedule your program at scheduling@arts4learningva.org.

Big picture

Family Connection is an outreach of Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) to link Virginia Beach families to classes, training, resources and other opportunities to help connect parents to their students’ education. Learn more about Parent Connection offerings on the Family Connection webpage and be sure to view the online calendar, sign up for monthly newsletters and daily etips, get engaged in school partnerships and volunteerism opportunities and attend the Family Connection Workshop Series.

All Family Connection Workshop Series sessions are offered at no charge and online registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents will receive an invitation to register from the Family Connection approximately two weeks before each Family Connection Session. Space is limited and registration is required to attend Family Connection Workshops. You may also contact the Community Engagement Office at 757.263.1821 or email should you have any questions.

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Volunteer Tracker for Adult and Student Volunteers!

Virginia Beach City Public Schools has a new app called Volunteer Tracker for volunteer applications, signing up for volunteer opportunities and entering hours. Students can manage their volunteer hours with this app too!

Here’s how it works:

  • Volunteer Liaisons and Staff create Volunteer Opportunities.
  • Volunteers Complete an Online Application – Just one per volunteer, no need to complete one for each school you volunteer for and approval is instant!
  • Volunteer Tracker matches volunteers to opportunities.
  • Volunteers review postings and sign up to help.
  • Volunteer Tracker sends you reminders about the opportunities you have selected.
  • Hours are automatically recorded or if not linked to a posted opportunity, they can be entered manually.

Visit https://appgarden5.app-garden.com/VolTrackVA128.nsf To complete a volunteer application and learn what volunteer opportunities are available!

Introduction to Volunteer Tracker for Coordinators
Big picture
Big picture

The Norfolk Botanical Garden Teen Volunteer Program

This is a 10-week summer program that allows teens between ages 14-18 the opportunity to learn about nature, develop work and leadership skills, make new friends, and earn volunteer hours for college applications and resumes.

Ideal candidates for the WOW Teen Volunteer Program will:

· Be entering grades 9−12 in fall 2022.

· Be open to interacting with Norfolk Botanical Garden Staff and guests of all ages, especially elementary school-aged children.

· Be enthusiastic about learning and practicing new skills.

· Get along well with peers and work well in a group.

· Be interested in learning more about horticulture, environmental science, and early childhood education.

· Have access to reliable transportation.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

· Greet guests and provide general information about the WOW Children’s Garden and Norfolk Botanical Garden.

· Set up and teach Discovery Cart activities at various locations throughout the WOW Children’s Garden.

· Support a clean and safe environment through light indoor and outdoor cleaning and activity preparation.

· Assist NBG Horticultural staff in WOW by occasionally performing essential garden maintenance such as weeding, pruning, dead-heading, planting, watering, mulching, and debris clean up.

· Complete mentorship opportunities with staff and volunteers in Propagation and Butterfly House.

· Assist with the youth summer classes and programs hosted in the WOW Children’s Garden.

Time Commitment:

· The Teen Volunteer Program runs from Monday, June 20th-Friday, August 26th (10 weeks).

· Shift times will run from 10AM-2PM and 1PM-5PM.

· Teen volunteers are required to volunteer at least 8 hours every two weeks. With the completion of the program at the end of the summer, teen volunteers should accumulate at least 40 volunteer hours.

· After completing sixteen hours, teen volunteers will receive an NBG Volunteer t-shirt.

· At end of summer, teen volunteers will be asked to complete an exit interview for the program.

· Failure to adhere to schedule requirements may lead to dismissal from the program.

Applications for the 2022 Teen Volunteer Program are currently being accepted. Deadline to submit applications is March 11th.

To apply to the 2022 Teen Volunteer Program, please email the following information to youthed@nbgs.org and volunteer@nbgs.org:

Your Name:

Your Age/School & Grade Entering in Fall 2022:

Your Email:

Your Phone Number:

Parent/Guardian Contact Name:

Parent/Guardian Email:

Parent/Guardian Phone Number:

Please include answers to the following questions:

Why do you want to participant in the NBG Teen Volunteer Program?

Do you have any previous volunteer experience? If yes, tell us about your experience.

Your application email should also include one (1) reference letter.

Just Serve

JustServe.org is a website where the volunteer needs of organizations may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community, providing opportunities to help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community.

JustServe is a service to help link community volunteer needs with volunteers and does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation in posting projects or in encouraging volunteers to serve according to our guidelines.


Founded in 1989, EQUI-KIDS is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers equine­assisted services and programs to children and adults with special needs. EQUI-KIDSis a Premier Accredited Center through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.), which differentiates us as a center that provides the highest level of equine-specialized professionals and program services delivery. EQUI-KIDS currently offers a variety of equine­assisted activities and programs including, therapeutic riding, school partnership, hippotherapy (physical, occupational and/or speech therapy services using a horse), mental health services, First Responders, EQUI-VETS (serving both active duty and retired veterans), and job coaching.

Side Walkers

Side walkers assist with grooming and

tacking the horses before the lesson. During the lesson, side walkers directly assist the participants by providing guidance, physical and emotional safety, and encouragement.

Horse Leaders

Horse leaders assist with grooming, tacking and warming up the horses before the lesson. During the lesson, horse leaders are directly responsible for leading the horse and ensure the horse stays focused and comfortable during the lesson.

Barn Volunteers

Barn volunteers help to clean stalls, tack, equipment and assist with repairs around the farm.

Office and Special Event Volunteers

These volunteers help with fundraising events, assist with administrative projects, and greet participants and guests at the reception desk.

Volunteer Teams

We always welcome corporate workgroups, community services teams, and other parties looking to offer their time on special projects.

Email volunteer@equikids.org for more information

Veteran's Homefront

Individuals of all ages, groups and/or organizations are needed to come together and support the ending of veteran homelessness and reducing the number of veteran suicides by supporting the Parking Lot Ministry Program (PLM).

Whether you, your group and/or organization volunteer once a month, quarterly, or once a year at 6:30 am on Saturdays in the Walmart parking lot in Chesapeake, Virginia, your support is what we need to make 2022 even more successful.

Please use the following link to select one (or more) month(s) if you or your organization would like to be added to our Saturday volunteer calendar in 2022.

Contact Antoine Hines at veteranshomefront@gmail.com for additional information.

Conservation Youth Team at the Virginia Zoo

The Conservation Youth Team (CYT) program is a high school volunteer and youth development program that was created for teens who are passionate about wildlife, conservation, and helping their community. Throughout the year, CYT participants learn about conservation issues, educate zoo guests about our animals, support our Safari Camp programs, and visit local organizations to participate in service projects benefiting the community. As a member of the Conservation Youth Team, teens will develop important job and life skills, build self-confidence, and earn community service hours!

The program is structured to make their time here more robust yet flexible, and hopefully more accessible to a greater number of teens. There is no minimum GPA requirement. There are also a few scholarships available that cover the first-year fees.

Contact Sarah Peterson for additional information:


Guest Engagement Coordinator | Virginia Zoo

757-441-2374 Ext. 224 | 3500 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23504


Red Cross - Volunteers Needed

The Red Cross has a critical level need. They are currently experiencing a shortage of volunteers. This is having a direct impact on blood collection efforts. They need volunteers who are 18+ to serve as Blood Donor Ambassadors. This is a simple and very rewarding position. They would serve as the greeter and registration at the fixed sites in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

To get started go to go to Volunteer Connection www.redcross.org/volunteertoday and complete your registration. Select Blood Donor Ambassador as the position. After completing the registration, send your name to katie.niehoff@redcross.org to expedite your registration to get volunteering quickly.

Hunger Warriors - Fresh Food Wednesdays


Since the onset of the pandemic, Fresh Food Wednesdays Food Distribution serves over 1,000 people every week in Virginia Beach. We are looking for volunteers to help us load & unload food supplies, pack food boxes, and distribute food to help make a difference. The need is great. Join us and battle food insecurity in our community!

409 Virginia Beach Blvd




Christian Resource Center

Tutors are needed on Wednesday evenings in all subjects.

549 Newtown Road, Suite #105

Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Contact Maria Lorenzi at mlorenzicrc@gmail.com for more information


There are many volunteer opportunities available for youth including Gift Shop, Discovery Crew (Education), Guest Ambassador (Admissions). They will be able to assist our crew with greeting and check-in guests, lead STEM-focused education programs and battleship tours, select the perfect museum souvenir to purchase, and more!

To receive information on the positions as well as apply using our online application, visit: https://nauticus.org/volunteer-at-nauticus/

For additional information:


Contact: Susie Hill, Volunteer Resource Manager, 757-664-1043, volunteer@nauticus.org

Girls On The Run Hampton Roads

High school girls can serve as Junior Coaches during our Fall and/or Spring seasons. They assist Head Coaches in the preparation and delivery of our curriculum to a team of girls in grades 3 through 5. Great opportunity for those interested in education! Contact Erin Highton for more information: erin@gotrhr.org or 757-965-9040. https://www.gotrhr.org/Coach

Marian Manor Senior Living

Volunteers needed to help with our activities program, dining, and maintenance. Contact Karen Land at karen@marian-manor.com.

Elementary, Middle, and High School and Adults.

Virginia Beach Youth Opportunities Office

Virginia Beach Mayor's Youth Leaders in Action: www.VBgov.com/myla

Parks and Recreation Volunteers. Contact Andrea Holloman at ajhollom@vbgov.com.

Middle and High School

First Landing State Park

Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of tasks from trail clean up to assist in our main office. Contact Jennifer Huggins at jennifer.huggins@dcr.virginia.gov.

Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Adult Learners, Elementary must have an adult present.

Armed Services YMCA

Read all about our program by visiting our website at asymca.org/hampton-roads-home and clicking on the What We Do on our ribbon. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Laura Roberts, Youth Enrichment Program Director at lroberts@asymca.org

High School and Adults

Mini-Me Events dba Engineering Your Future Today

For more information contact contact@engineeringyourfuturetoday.com.

High School and Adults

Wave City Care

We do school makeovers, feed families at Thanksgiving, do gifts at Christmas for families in need, offer food distribution, and more! We need volunteers for all of these opportunities each season. Contact Amanda Beery at Amanda@wavecitycare.com

High School and Adults

Youth Opportunities Office

The Teen Media Studio housed at Williams Farm Recreation Center is recruiting teens to share their talent and experience in the field of digital media. Volunteers must have an interest in the following areas: music recording, audio engineering, photography, and videography. Teens will earn experience and community service hours. Contact Tre Hill at lhill@vbgov.com.

Middle and High School

Zeiders American Dream Theater

Visit https://thez.org/volunteer/ for more information.

High School and Adults

Virginia African American Cultural Center, Inc.

We will be posting a link for community service/volunteer opportunities soon. Contact: Dr. Ross-Hammond at info@vaaccvb.org. For example, we have students interested in forming a Summer Book club to read books authored by African Americans and opportunities to read to youth.

High School and Adults

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation

Limited volunteer positions are available at this time within various units. If you are interested in volunteering with Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation, complete the please visit VBgov.com/parks or call (757) 385-1100 or email fun@VBgov.com. Sign up for Parks & Rec email newsletters at VBgov.com/eNews. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/VBparksrec.

Middle School, High School, Adults

Big picture

My Friend's Closet

My Friend’s Closet is a central location for storing and distributing items our students need. These items include food, clothing, hygiene items, household items and of course school supplies. Why My Friend’s Closet? If a child is asked where they got their cool new sneakers, they can confidently say, from my Friend’s Closet! The program has an amazon wish list that is shared with partners and the community...and really anyone! If you'd like to support the program, go to Amazon, log in and visit https://a.co/6twTc2Q to purchase items for students in need!

To learn more about My Friend's Closet or to acquire items for a student, contact Jen McGowan at jennifer.mcgowan@vbschools.com

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Promote‌ ‌and‌ ‌expand‌ ‌equitable‌ ‌access‌ ‌to‌ ‌services‌ ‌and‌ ‌programs‌ ‌that‌ ‌support‌ ‌families‌ ‌and‌ ‌students'‌ ‌through‌ ‌mutually‌ ‌supportive‌ ‌partnerships.‌ ‌-‌ ‌Partner‌ ‌with‌ ‌local‌ ‌agencies‌ ‌to‌ ‌provide‌ ‌wraparound‌ ‌services‌ ‌for‌ ‌students‌ ‌including‌ ‌early‌ ‌childhood‌ ‌supports,‌ ‌volunteers,‌ ‌childcare‌ ‌and‌ ‌funding‌ ‌opportunities.‌

For more information contact Mary Hunt at mary.hunt@vbschools.com

Partner Virtual Resources

The VB Schools Partners in Education program supports collaborations between schools and community partners from businesses, military commands, faith-based groups and civic organizations. Partners continue to support students, teachers and families by providing online virtual learning resources to keep students reading, thinking, and growing all summer—and beyond.