Backyard Party

With my best friends

Living science

At night when me and my friends were playing ghost in the graveyard with glow sticks, we saw lights moving that were even more beautiful and cooler than glow sticks. Fireflies. We saw a big group of them flying around. It was like they were taking turns flashing their lights. One would flash then the next one and so fourth. They lit the whole night sky up with their flashing lights.


The most interesting part of that night was when they were flashing their lights in a pattern. Like they were communicating to each other. It is so cool how u can see how animals can talk to each other. Its like they wait for a signal to talk.

About me

I am a very hardworking student who likes to read to the class. I love lab experiments involving food and explosions. (not that i don't like anything else). I like when we take notes over a few days. Like one day we take notes, the next day we do a lap evolving around what we learned the day before. I like quizzes and test on the computer, but taking notes in my notebook.