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August 29, 2018

2018 Curriculum and Technology Leaders (CTLs)

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Your 2018 CTLs!

Who are they?

FARMERSVILLE - Koren Duckworth

MARRS - Krista Cartwright

WEST - De'Shea Kueber

MVJHS - Peyton Law and John Hubbard

MVSHS - Kevin Krizan and Alicia Schmidt

How are they helping?

    • Communicate building needs to eLearning Coaches

    • Answer help emails for your building when possible

    • Help you with curriculum and tech questions when possible

    • Support educational technology and curricular needs in the classroom

    • Provides professional development, formal and informal to building staff (certified and non-certified)

    • Assists in the development of “Haiku Hub” for educator learning (PD and information dissemination)

    • Serve as leaders in the learning of educational technology methods and concepts

    • Share integration methods and concepts with other educators

    • Attend and presents at the Connecting the 4C’s Conference

    • Use BrightBytes Clarity Survey to inform professional development

    • Work with the building admin to coordinate professional development needs of the building staff

    • Attend (school provided) regional, state, and national conferences and shares new acquired knowledge with the building staff

    • Attend monthly meetings (virtual, f2f, asynchronous) with the eLearning Coaches for continual professional development and collaboration with the CTL Team

WHAT did you say???

Yes, we have a Teacher Toolbox code for Writing and Reading!

The toolbox code for access to Reading and Writing (2-5) is SUMMERTRIAL2018 and it's good until the end of September.

Time to do what we do best...DIG and MINE those resources while they are available for FREE!!

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Kasey Bell Talks About Dynamic Learning

Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning shows how we can use technology to think beyond the tools, to do new things, and extend the learning. Watch!
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CNN, 10 minutes of Daily News for 4-12

Do you have 10 minutes before lunch, after lunch, or at the end of the day? The CNN 10 is an awesome way to teach grade 4-12 students about current events. Daily transcripts are available too! Take a look at what it has to offer!

Here is the news for August 29!

From the DigCit Corner

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TRAINING Opportunities!!

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MyOn Training Webinar

Thursday, Aug. 30th, 12-3pm


This MyOn webinar will be RECORDED and distributed to you later. Please consider joining us if you can!
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Typesy Training Webinar

Thursday, Aug. 30th, 3-3:30pm


Who: All K-5 teachers

What: Learn how to use the program from Typesy trainers

NEARPOD Training with Shawn Grey

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Friday, Sep. 7th, 8am-3:30pm


  • Start and end time: 8:00am - 3:30pm CT
  • Number of Sessions: Teacher work time during the day and an all staff session 2:45 - 3:30pm
  • Location: Mount Vernon Junior High School - 701 Tile Factory Road, Mt Vernon, IN 47620
  • Room location: SHARP Lab 2nd floor (flexible seating)
  • Attendee info

    • How many: Grade levels 6-12 during the day. Small groups of 10. for the 2:45 - 3:30 possibly 20
    • Experience level(s): Beginners to Advanced
    • Grade level(s): 6-8 at 2:45 we will invite K-5 also
    • Subject area(s): Everything
    • Will everyone have a Nearpod license? some do, others don't
  • Training type

    • Specific learning goals: Introduce the power and ease of engaging students with Nearpod.
    • Special training requests: Help teachers become familiar with the Library, how to Explore, how to use the tools embedded in Nearpod, and how to create their own presentations.
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