School Supply List

E.J. Hayes Elementary School

3rd Grade School Supplies List

Wide-ruled paper

4 spiral notebooks (one subject)

2 two pocket folders (one for homework and one for classwork)

#2 pencils


Red ink pens

Colored Pencils

Pencil pouch (no large cases-they do not fit in desk)



Wish List

Paper towels

Hand sanitizer

Ziploc bags (any size)

Clorox wipes

Treat box items (candy, erasers, pencils)

Markers (For Art Class)

4th Grade School Supplies List

Vinyl or plastic 2-pocket homework folder (no prongs)

Pencils and erasers


Dry erase markers (4-pack)

1 composition marble notebook (depends on teacher)

*No 3-ring binders or pencil boxes, please!

One subject spiral notebooks (number varies by teacher)

Personal set of headphones or earbuds (used for all classes)

Crayons or coloring pencils

Glue stick

Wish List


Paper towels

Clorox wipes

Hand sanitizer

Colorful cardstock

Zip-loc bags

Latex-free Band-Aids

Small individually wrapped chewy candy (no gum please)

Extra pencils

Dry erase markers

Markers (For Art Class)

5th Grade School Supplies List

5 - Composition Books (Marble)

Lots of Wide ruled notebook paper

#2 pencils and eraser tops


Vinyl Folder for Homework

Lots of 3 x 5 or larger index cards for vocabulary

1 8-pack of crayons or color pencils

Pencil Pouch

Wish List

Hand Sanitizer

Lots of Tissue

Paper Towels

Ziploc Bags


Clorox Wipes

Copy Paper

Sanitizing Spray

Index Cards

Markers for Art Class

Individually wrapped candy

Colorful Card stock