Baseball Player

Ivan Nevarez Period 9

My career

I want to become a Professional Baseball player because I love baseball. I've been playing since I was about 6. That's all I did for most of my life and I enjoy it to this day.

Career Details

Duties/Responsibilities- Win as many games as possible, make it the playoffs and win a world series. Others are taking care of yourself to make sure you are ready for next year.

Average hours- There are no average hours depends on your schedule. Professional ball players play a team 3 times in a row so either at 12, 3 or 7

Working Locations- Every Major league ball park. For example Fenway Park, Wrigley Field etc.

Salary- Depends on the type of player you are can range from $100,000- 15 million.

Education Needed- Collegiate level of play, minor league, and highschool

Skills Required- A high level of baseball talent

Job Outlook- Very minimal to jobs taken

Related Jobs- Announcers, coaching