Resume Building!

What does a perfect resume look like?

Tips for writing your Resume!

1. Know the Purpose of your resume

2. Back up your qualities and strengths

3.Make sure to use all the keywords

4. Proof read it twice

5. Use bullet points

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(44 Resume Writing Tips, by Daniel Scocco

There are many websites that offer Resume templates to help make writing easier!

Employers HIRE you based off your Resume!

Basic Resume Format

  • Use standard 8.5" x 11" paper.
  • Use white, ivory, or gray paper.
  • Set one inch margins on all sides.
  • Fancy fonts such as outlines, scripts, and shadows should be avoided.
  • Fancy artwork or backgrounds should not be used as they tend to distract the eyes.
  • Enter your data using single spaces within each section. The resume creator will do this for you if you press the enter key once after each line you type.
  • Make your headings bold, underlined, or capitalized to make them stand out.
  • Each entry in the sections should have an asterisk or bullet at the beginning.

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