Macy Budesilich

My personality

My color: Blue

The color blue describes me well, its bright, cheery, calm, and can sometimes be depressing. Blue can really set the mood for the room, for example if its bright and happy, it will make every one feel happy.

My strengths

I'm creative, schedule-orientated, neat and tidy, persistent, and artistic.

My animal: Deer

A deer is a beautiful and intelligent creature, full of passion and bravery. They work best when working with others or in groups. Being shy, they like to spend time with like-minded individuals. The outdoors is where they feel most relaxed and comfortable, especially in wide open spaces.

My influence

I probably won't influence anyone. I'm more of a follower and will probably be the one influenced by someone else. If i did influence someone it might be respecting others and working together.

My careers and hobbies

I could be an actor because i enjoy acting and being a new and different person, or I could be a dancer and express emotion and grace with simple and fluid movements. I enjoy doing gymnastics and hiking in the mountains.