By: Tanner Dutton


ISIS is a terrorist group that can greatly affect us today. Day by day they are getting stronger and bigger. They force people tons of people everyday to become Muslim, and murder the ones that don't.

5 Facts about the event

  • The aim of of Isis is to create and Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria
  • Isis is known for killing dozens of people and carrying out public executions.
  • Isis is also known for forcing people to become muslim and if they do not convert they will not hesitate to murder the victims
  • Isis is currently in Iraq and Syria
  • Isis originated from al qadea's group

How it affects us today

Isis is a great threat to us today because we could go to war at any time with Isis, all that has to happen is one little thing to get them to make the first move and they will not hesitate to go to war with us.