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June 2015 - Central Area

Digital Citizenship Resources Available From OSAPAC

OSAPAC Digital Citizenship resources are available for Ontario teachers to use with their students. These resources will help guide educators to embed key concept and skills of digital citizenship. The resources are organized into 4 categories and by division:
  • Critical thinking and Information Literacy
  • Creation and Credit
  • Presence and Communication
  • Health and Protection
Please take time to review the materials and lessons plans to ensure it is appropriate for your students. The OSAPAC Digital Citizenship can be found by a link in the BWW online resource page or clicking this link.

Read & Write for Google available for all YRDSB GAFE users

Read and Write for Google is an amazing Google Chrome extension to support all students with reading and writing. It has tools such as word predication, voice to text and text to voice, picture and text dictionaries, highlighting and collecting highlights. It is available for all users of YRDSB GAFE.

Attention Core and Immersion French Teachers!

Read & Write for Google will be available by June 9th in FRENCH! All the features currently available in English will be able in French. Access is available by clicking on the gear icon and changing the language to French.
Read & Write for Google

TTEP on Google+

If have received your TTEP (Teacher Technology Engagement Program) equipment and are looking for resources to help get started join Google+ and the TTEP Community. Information is continually being added including a great FAQ section, tips and tricks resources and suggestions for use. You can also post a question or concern and the community members are quick to answer. You will first have to create a Google+ profile. Sign into to your GAFE account and click on the Google+ icon in the apps grid. Follow the prompts to create a profile. Once in Google+, click on the Home button and then Community. Search for TTEP. Turn on notifications to receive the latest information.

If you are already have a Google+ profile click on this link.


The window for forwarding your Google Apps for Education email ( to your YRDSB Outlook ( is now open. It will close on June 30th, 2015.

As those of you who have used Google Apps for Education over the past year know, it is incredibly useful to have notifications shared with you. Of course, if you find there are too many notifications, you can take a look at

The link to the instructions for forwarding your GAFE email:

Online Resources to Inspire Inquiry

The World's Largest Lesson

Are you interested in being part of the World's Largest Lesson? On September 25th, 2015 the United Nations will be announcing new global goals for sustainable development for the next 30 years. You and your students can part of the world's largest lesson to learn about and take action on these sustainable development goals. Sign up on the website and receive materials to be part of this global initiative and help students be informed global citizens.

Connecting Your Students to the World

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