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Week of April 14, 2014

Student of the Month~Advisor Edition

9th grade: Chase D., Benjamin M., Isaac F.
10th Grade: Logan T., Bethanna E., Design S.
11th Grade: Scott A., Beyla H., Katelyn F., Matthew B., William B., Tyler S.
12th Grade: Amber C., Aubry D., Moshe K.

Breaking News!

Faces of OHVA

International Street Fair

Saturday, April 19th, 11am-1pm

Ohio University campus Athens, OH

The street fair, which runs from 11AM to 5PM, is a collaboration of the university’s international student groups and nonprofit community organizations. Over 30 groups will have stands at the fair selling food, crafts etc. making it one of the biggest Street Fairs that Athens and Ohio University has experienced!

Meeting near the Statue on College Green (grassy park area at the corner of Court St and union St.) at 11 am.

For more information check out the event on the OHVA calendar or email Mr. Nate Young at

Guidance Counselor Corner

MARK your calendars!!!!

April 18, 11:15 am, Virtual Tour of Ohio State University

Face to Face college tours:
RSVP to your guidance counselor through kmail
April 28, 11 am, Stark State College, RSVP by April 15
April 29, 9 am, Columbus State Community College, RSVP by April 15
April 30, 11 am, University of Akron, RSVP by April 18

Seniors: 54 Days until Graduation!!!
-If you missed the graduation meeting on 3/6 check your kmail for the recording.
-Your advisor will be calling you this month to confirm your name for your diploma.
Extension! Today 4/14 is the final day to place order for caps and gowns!

K12 College and Career Workshops:
Wednesdays @3pm
April 16-Get ready for College!
April 23-What to look for on a college visit

Did you miss the Career Day presentations?

We have the recordings for you!

Room 1 Click here

Speaker, Career, Start and End Time

Anthony Falletta, Airline Pilot ( Joe, Start recording at 1:30-45:51

Barron Whited, Guidance Counselor, 2:00:00-2:38:00

Genevieve Carter, French/Foreign Language, 3:00:09-3:58:00

Jennifer Schultze, Music Teacher, 3:59:00-4:53:00

Room 2 Click here

Speaker, Career, Start and End Time

Will Choi, President and CEO/ Vertical Apps, start recording at-0:00-48:00

Carl DiManno, Vineyard Manager/Agriculture,1:00:00-1:48:00

Eric Anderson/Rachel Schiller, Communications & Media, 2:59:00-3:58:00

Aaron Hall, VP- Product Management, 3:59:00-end

Room 3 Click here

Speaker, Career, Start and End Time

Tracy Powell, Mental Health Counselor, start Recording at :57-2:00:00

Kia Knutson, Veterinarian, 2:01:02-2:58:16

Emily DeLapp, Cosmetic Company Owner, 3:00:00-4:00:00

Angela Driskill, Doctor/Advanced Wound Care, 4:00:00-5:00:00

Melissa Freeman, Public Health and Medical Administration, 5:01:00-end

Room 4 Click here

Speaker, Career, Start and End Time

Todd Wilcox, Border Patrol Agent, Start recording at 00:1:13-00:57:00

Jackie Hilton, VP HR, Social and Scientific Systems, 00:58:48-1:51:59

Aaron Hall, Army Officer (Ret), 1:56:00-2:48:00

Joel Hickerson, Police Detective, 3:58:13-4:54:00

Duston Christner/Dennis Tkalec, Technology/Computer Science, 4:58:35-end

Room 5 Click here

Speaker, Career, Start and End Time

London Brown, CNN Social Media & Ops Admin, Start recording at 00:00:03-1:00:00

Lee Anne Myslewski, Artistic Admin, Opera & Classical Programs, 1:00:00-1:43:00

Rich Bird, Communications and Media, 1:44:00-2:45:00

Megan McIntyre, Beauty Editor, 2:57:00-3:57:00

Deanna Glick, Communications/Media (Editor), 3:58:00-4:28:00

Words to live by......