America is...


America is Fairness to African american people because back in the days they were treated like slaves and didn't have freedom of having rights just because of their race. They were segregated from schools they had to go to separate schools with only there same race they weren't allowed to be with Americans , public transportation was also something that they weren't allowed to have like Americans they had to sit in the back seats of the bus. People were really racist and discriminate to African Americans which that wasn't fair. Now African Americans are able to have the same rights as everyone, they aren't discriminated and are not segregated from schools. America became a better country when they started being fair and treating everyone equally. The U.S also is a country of fairness and justice which everyone can have the opportunity to choose who they want to, they can make their own decision with out having to be obliged. Everyone can earn the same amount of money,they can have education, welfare. Taxes are equal to everyone, interracial marriage is now allowed. America has many fairness to everyone

The Hand

The hand represents all African Americans who had to go through discrimination, violence, racism etc. Blacks where treated unfairly they didn't have the same rights as whites. Although they were always strong even though white people made them feel less. By Martin Luther Kings speech ''I have a Dream'', made a change in the world. He didn't agree the way blacks were treated and by his speech he made a change, by that he ended discrimination and racism. He was a strong man and sure to make a change and never give up because everyone is equal and deserve to be treated the same. Also the hand is for Rosa Parks who she was brave enough to refuse to give her seat to a white person and by that black community protested for her and segregated buses end. It was hard for African Americans what they had to suffer and this is why I dedicate this hand for them of their strength and braveness, because if it wasn't for Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks the world would still have discrimination. Now they have freedom and equality they have the right to vote. American became a better country for ending racism and violence of difference of race. So the hand represents braveness, freedom, strength, and fairness.

The Collage

The Collage represent everything that African Americas went trough, it was very hard for the black community to put up with the racism they suffered. Blacks were treated like slaves they didn't eat for days they just had to work for the white people but not just that they would get killed by no reason. Their were segregated buses blacks couldn't go on the front of the bus, they had to give their seat to white people and if they refuse to do it they would get arrested. For children that wanted to have an education they had low resources of education the classes were full and it was hard to teach a class like that, blacks wanted their children to have the best education but it couldn't happen. White students had high education levels they had their own desk and a comfortably classroom. But blacks and whites weren't allowed to go to the same school. Black women only job was to be maids and follow orders, they didn't have the right to go to the same restroom as whites because they said blacks had diseases. Eventually they made their restrooms outside the house for the maids which it was an offense for them. But not just that they had their separate drinking fountains, everything was separated by race. It was unfair for African Americans to be treated less and it's hard to believe it but unfortunately this was real. Now in American this does not exist but this collage is to all African American people to represent how bad white people treated them.