Journey to the Land Of the Free

Come to the Southern Colonies, and live life your way.

The Economy Of Our Colony

A huge percentage of people in the Southern Colony were planters in the field. But, that seemed to change once the slaves had come in from West Africa. We took this to an advantage and used them to work in the plantations for us and fetch food. Also, our resources are a surplus amount and alot of trades take place in our colony. We want their resources, they want ours, and we end up trading and having what we didn't have.

Government & Religon

Government: Each colony had a legislature, which is a group of people to make laws. The colonies had its own personal rules on who could be able to vote and who could not. Also, they all had governors that were appointed and value their bill of rights.

Religion: Maryland allowed Protestants & Catholics only. Lord Baltimore, added to pass an Act Of Toleration, and then this provided religious freedom for all Christians, but not for Jews. They were discriminated and now no one was allowed to be Jewish in Maryland.