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January 19, 2018


MSA HS Math Team attended the 2018 SCISA Division II State Math Meet on Tuesday, January 16 in Sumter, South Carolina. Thirty-one teams (over 155 students) from independent schools all over the state participated in this year's competition. MSA sent three returning students and two new team members to represent our school for the fourth year participating in this SCISA event. In previous years, the team has ranked seventh (2015), fifth (2016), and second (2017). We are extremely proud to say that this year's team which consisted of four seniors and one freshman brought home the first place trophy! In addition to the team win, three team members were recognized for ranking in the "top ten" for individual scores: Emma Rogers (10), Catherine Hiebel (9), and Jack Hill (2). Way to go, Calculating Eagles! (L to R: Emily Hiebel, Catherine Hiebel, Sakshi Joglekar, Jack Hill, Emma Rogers)

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Lower Elementary excited about "Water Awareness" project

This week the Lower Elementary had a visit from some of the High School students. During this visit, the HS students talked to the younger ones about the importance of water conservation. Something that was shared was the information about the percentages of drinkable, undrinkable, and frozen water on earth. These three classifications make up all of the water with the largest percentage being undrinkable water at 97%. As a follow up to this lesson, Lower Elementary made charts that illustrate this idea. They used a hundred chart and colored in the percentages for drinkable (1%), frozen (2%) and undrinkable (97%) water on our earth.

Dates To Remember

Jan. 16 to Jan 29 Drink water to save water challenge

Thursday, Jan. 25 6-8 PM Jonathan Wolff, Special Guest Speaker for Parent Education

Sunday, Jan. 28 1-4 PM Open House for Anderson community

Tuesday, Jan. 30 5:30 PM Moving Up Information Night for "riser" families (however all are welcome)

Saturday, March 10 Spring Benefit

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