Welcome to Mary G. Porter

Home of the Patriots

Background of Porter

Our wonderful traditional school opened on September 7th, 2004. Porter is a 1st - 8th grade school. With nine years of school of excellence, Porter still strives to keep its position secured. Mary G. Porter is the highest rated school in Prince William County with a 10/10 school rating (greatschools.org), and it is the only school to have a 10/10 rating. We are a traditional school which is different from other schools because we offer higher classes than public schools, and we also have uniforms. We have around 600 students and we have recieved over 750 applications in the 2015-2016 school year.
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Application Process

During the fall, Porter annually releases an application form on their website. It is usually bolded at the top saying the school year and when the application proccess ends. There are different sections of the application process when you are applying for porter. For example, there is an essay that is required for applicants which you have to write stating why you want to go to porter. Both parents and students have to do the essay. After filling out the application you may hand it in to the administration. Since Porter is a lottery system you have a better chance of getting in Porter when your child is in first grade. Once you have applied you will recieve a letter stating if you have been accepted or a letter with your wait list number if you did not get in. You can always keep applying for the following years.

Public Schools & Porter

What makes Porter so different from normal public schools? Well, we offer a wide range of encores for middle schoolers that public schools dont offer like woodshop, guitar, fit team, and many others. We also offer band at grade 5 which other elementary schools dont offer, (they usually offer strings at 5th grade). A major thing that makes us different from public schools is that our school is a uniform oriented school. Having a uniform also reduces the amount of stress that a student in a normal school has while picking out their outfit.
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The Benifits of Going to Porter

Going to Mary G. Porter has many benifits such as our extra curriculum classes that other schools dont offer such as Algebra, Spanish II (in 8th grade), and many others. Taking these classes will benifit your child by getting them into higher level classes at such a young age. Thats very impressive if you ask me! Also, did you know we had a 100% passing rate on our 2015 Algebra SOL? Meaning every single student passed. Now thats impressive for an 8th grader/7th grader. This pre ap class is only offered at Porter. Going to porter will reduce the stress of waking up so early than regular middle schools because our school starts at 8:45 instead of 8:15. That gives you an extra 30 minutes to sleep! There are many other benifits of Porter, but you'll just have to find out!