doug through my eyes

Doug Swieteck is the main character. He is easily influenced by his brother, Chris, in a negative way and at first he is sort of a jerk to the people around him, like Chris, but then he starts to become a kind person who cares about the people and things. Doug learns a lot of new stuff when he moves to Marysville. He learns how beautiful art can be, how to draw, how to read, and that books aren't that bad. Most of all, in the end Doug learns how to make friends. He was a jerk at first but once you get to know him through the story he is a nice person.

How I picture Doug in my mind.......

I picture Doug as just the average kid. I don't exactly picture him as someone who stands out, just a normal teenager with longer brown hair. I don't picture him wearing anything to fancy, but then again, not too trashy looking. In the book, Principal Peattie tells Doug, "...you might want to think about when you're going to get your hair cut, since I don't let boys who look like girls into my school." So we know that Doug gets made fun of at school. At the part where people see his tattoo and in the hallways people call him a Mamas baby, Principal Peattie and Coach Reed both make fun of him at the beginning.

If he was going on a vacation somewhere, he wouldn't need two weeks in advance to pack (like me) he could probably throw all the stuff he needs in his suitcase an hour before they left. He isn't exactly someone who over-prepares. I think that some things he could not live without on a vacation would probably be his Joe Pepitone jacket because no matter the season, he wears it. His Jane Eyre book, that was not so bad after all. His drawing of the Arctic Tern that he spent lots of time perfecting and his Timex watch that Mr. Big Bucks Ballard gave all of his employees at the paper mill.