World History B

Mrs. Warford

Welcome to World History B!

This class will cover a TON of information! We're going from the start of World War I all the way to current events and issues! I'm excited to begin this journey with each and every one of you!

Here’s How You Reach Me:


Our synchronous sessions will be held through Engage now! This EXCITING new feature is our way of saying You Matter! It's a simple process you will see a new tab on your student dashboard that will say: "Classroom" check it out for our upcoming sessions!

Currently, synchronous sessions will not be factored into your grade. It's a new process and we don't want to penalize you for something we're still working all the kinks out.

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Projects! There are 2 of them! (25%)

Discussion Boards (20%)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the goal for earning points?
  • The goal is to earn 20 points PER lesson/day
How many posts should I make each day?
  • TWO; respond to two different questions, on separate posts.
What do the levels mean?
  • Each level represents a point value: Copper (5), Bronze (10), Silver (15), and Gold (20)
How many sentences should I create?
  • Sentence length doesn't really matter. Your goal is to fully answer the questions presented and include information from the course to support your statements. (This for sure cannot be done in 1 sentence)

Grade Weights

  • Workbooks 10%
  • Unit Exams 10%
  • Checkpoints 20%
  • Final Exam 15%
  • Discussions 20%
  • Projects 25%
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Extension & Late Policy

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There are two projects in this course, Project 3 is due on lesson 15.

  • Granted on a case-by-case basis
  • Must have a 40% at the time of request
  • NO skipped discussion board questions
  • Project 3 completed


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Plagiarism: (noun) plagiarism; plural noun: plagiarisms the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

1st Offense: Phone & Email Warning

2nd Offense: Written Incident report sent to Principal & Other Instructor