Victorian Coastal Pest

The Northern Pacific Sea Star.


This sea star is called the Northern Pacific Sea Star, which was originally found along the Asian coast line. It is now a pest in Australia. The Northern Pacific Sea Star is a fived armed sea star and is commonly mistaken for the evelen armed sea star though they have many difference's. The Nothern Pacific Sea Star, has five tips that are pointed upwards and their tips are normaly purple. The Northern Pacific Sea Star are either yellow or purple with markings of yellow.

why are Northern Pacific Sea Star Considered a pest?

It is considered a pest because of the large impact it's had on Australia's native species. They are a serious threat due to them eating a wide range of our native marine animals.
Its had a big effect on the fishing industry, it has been noted in japan that its a lost millions of dollars but its yet to be noted how much of an effect it has in the Australia but it has been estimated to have the same amount of damage to our fishing industry and possible more damage.

The female can proudce up to 20 million eggs at a time. This is why it is so difficult to remove them from our waters

North Pacific StarFish

what it looks like.

When, Where, How and Now?

When/Where: It was first founded in Australian waters around 1992, but they are normally found in the colder waters of the Asian Coast.
How: The young are sucked into the ships haul were the ballast water is kept and when the water is empty the young float out into Australian waters.
Now: They are now also found in the waters of Port Phillip Bay, and Eastern Tasmania.

Why they surive so well in Australia?

They have survived so well in Australian waters because they were able to adapt to the warmer waters, they can also find plenty of muddy coastlines and rocky shores.

Scientists study sea star pest