The Wonderful Town of Granby

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In 1727, the land of Granby was settled apart of South Hadley. Eventually, due to manufacturing and factories, Granby broke off. Soon however, agriculture took over and now dominates most of Granby's commerce. Today they grow corn, tomatoes, strawberries, and much more.

First Congresional Church

Old Grist Mill

Community Gathering

Granby has a couple of community gatherings throughout the year. These consist of the annual art fair located on the town common, and Charter Days, the celebration of the day our town got a charter. This is located at Dufrense Park. The art fair is a time for local artists to display and sell their work to anyone that's interested. Charter Days consists of many rides, games, and attractions. Almost everyone in town attends.

Strawberry Picking

Charter Days


Granby is a small town. The town common is very small and it isn't a very ideal spot for gatherings. Because of this, Granby is forced to find other spots for community events such as the local park.