Discovery Boot Camp 3

15 days to a becoming a more connected Discovery Educator

DE Boot Camp: Fundamentals Day 3 ................................... All kinds of media

DE Streaming has its earliest roots as an educational digital video library, and, to this day, it's hands down one of the very best in the world. However, the Discovery Ed digital media library has so, SO much more than video. Check it out...
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Accessing Discovery Media

To access Discovery's vast library of digital media, you'll need to search for it. Discovery has three different ways to search - you can search by keyword, by curriculum standard (TEKS, STAAR, CCRS), or by any characteristic of the media through the advanced search. All of these different searches are done with the search tool at the top of any page in DE.

Narrowing your search

With up to 300,000 items in the Discovery library, depending on the services you subscribe to, a search can return thousands of results - way too many to review - so there are times you may need to narrow down your search results to a more manageable selection.

You'll find the "Narrow My Results" tool to the left of your search results. Each section can be expanded so that you can choose the desired characteristics for the media you're looking for. Just click the triangle to the right of each heading and check the boxes at the left as needed.

What if you find you've narrowed down your search too much? Click the X in the breadcrumbs listing above your search results to remove that filter item.

Media you can VIEW

VIDEO - You'll find full length video, each of which is also broken up into video segments.

** Did you know you have rights to EDIT many of the video titles?

Just look for the "Editable" button below the description in your search results

DIGITAL GRAPHICS - you'll find images, clip art, and animations

JUST FOR MATH - these are SO cool! Math explanations and overviews are screen capture videos that teach all sorts of math concepts (there are a few of these in the base package - tens of thousands of them in the PLUS upgrade pack)

BOARDS - What's a board you ask? If you like Glogster, you'll love Discovery Boards - they're interactive multimedia flyers that teachers just like you have created to present lessons. (stay tuned to Boot Camp to learn more about how you and your students can create and publish your very own boards)

Media you can listen to

AUDIO - Here you'll find lots of historical speeches, audio books, audio presentations, podcasts, and more.

SONG - DE's song library has things like fun educational songs for young and old and a nice classical music collection.

SOUND EFFECT - Need a recording of rain falling, a lion roaring, or a volcano erupting? You'll find these and thousands more in the sound effect library.

Media you can read

DOCUMENT - Here, you'll find a growing collection of primary source documents like an excerpt from the Bill of Rights

ARTICLE - Did you know that Discovery Streaming has a full encyclopedia built in? Yep, that's right, the Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia is included.

EVENT - Discovery has an amazing calendar of events "on this day in history" in the Teacher Center, but did you know you can search those events in the media library too?

LEARNING GUIDE - a large collection of SHMOOP Learning Guides are included in the library for a variety of authors and classic literature titles.

READING PASSAGES - You'll find reading passages for a variety of different content areas, grade levels, and lexile levels.

Media you can interact with

The DE library includes several collections of different types of interactive activities where students can explore and experiment in a variety of areas to see how different variables lead to different outcomes in a fun and engaging way.

GAME - Here, you'll find interactive games to engage students while they learn about math, science, language arts, and social studies. The games can be used very effectively for independent learning, small group, and large group interaction. Choose one and test your own abilities... it's fun!

INTERACTIVE MAP - The Discovery Atlas and Canada Atlas that you may be familiar with in the Teacher Center are also accessible through the Discovery library to make them easier to share and collaborate with.

Media to help you teach

ACTIVITY - The DE library has over a thousand engaging student activities for all content areas and grade levels that you can download and print for your classroom.

CONTENT COLLECTION - Discovery has done the planning work for you with their Content Collections. They are collections for popular curriculum topics that include of all sorts of media like videos, images, articles, and more, along with Teachers Guides, printable activities, lesson plans, discussion guides, and much more.

GRAPHIC ORGANIZER - Here, you'll find a large collection of all sorts of graphic organizers that you can download, print, and use with your students.

LESSON PLAN - Looking for new ideas to freshen up your lesson plans? Check out the lesson plans included in the DE library - you can even download them in an editable document format so that you can add your own flair to customize them for your students.

Media to help you assess students

CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE - These are activities that you can download and print for your students that are related to a variety of different types of media - students will read or view the media and then respond to the directed set of prompts.

ASSIGNMENT, QUIZ, & WRITING PROMPT - You'll find a nice collection of assignments in the DE library that you can copy into your own library, edit, and assign to your students.

** HOW do I assign to my students?? Can I make my OWN assignments, quizzes, and writing prompts?? So many new exciting things you'll learn if you just stay tuned to the Discovery Boot Camp!!

Bonus tip of the day! Maximize planning time with DE's Quick List

Do you ever find yourself trying to squeeze in your lesson planning five minutes here and ten minutes there? Just as you start to find something interesting, the bell rings, you lose your train of thought, and later, you find yourself starting all over again?

Let me introduce you to Discovery's QuickList. When you scroll to the very bottom of your search results, you'll see the QuickList bar. You'll also notice EVERY item in the Discovery library has a small gray oval tool near it with a PLUS (+) on the left and a TRIANGLE on the right. This tiny little tool is one of the most powerful tools in all of Discovery Education - and we'll be learning lots more about it in the coming weeks. For the QuickList, you'll be using the PLUS (+) icon. Think of the QuickList as your "To Do Later List" - just click the PLUS anytime you find something you want to come back and review more fully later.
* You can click & drag items in your QuickList to order them to your liking
* If you want to remove in item, simply click the X on top of it

* Once you have the list just the way you want it for your lesson, LIST OPTIONS helps you take that list and save it or assign it. (how?? remember... we'll get to that later)

Try it out - you may find DE's QuickList to be your new best friend!

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Today's Assignment - Find something new

Please take some time to explore Discovery's media library. Focus on types of media that you've never used before - you never know what valuable gems you'll find until you start to look!

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