Alaska Native Cultural Charter

February 2023

Waqaa ANCCS Families!

Upcoming Events


  • 2/1-2/15: ACCESS Testing gr. K-12
  • 2/15 - 4/6: Spring Lottery Accepting Applications
  • 2/20: NO SCHOOL for President's Day


  • 3/19: End of third quarter
  • 3/10 : No school for students (Grading Day)
  • 3/13-17: No school for Spring Break (Students return on 3/20)
  • 3/22: 3rd Quarter Awards Assembly
  • 3/27-4/7: State Science Testing Gr. 5 & 8

Spring Lottery

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ASD Lottery opens February 15!

Families interested in joining ANCCS (including current pre-K students planning to attend ANCCS for Kindergarten and beyond) need to apply through the ASD lottery. The District utilizes a randomized lottery system to provide equal opportunity for all students who would like to participate in alternative schools or programs other than their child's neighborhood school.

Please visit the ASD Lottery Website for more information about the lottery or call the office at (907) 742-1370.

Access Testing

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Each year, students in English Learner programs take the ACCESS for ELLs language proficiency test. The test measures academic English language proficiency for students learning English in our school and throughout our state. The testing window is from February 6-10.

Teachers in our school use this information to help them make decisions about instruction for your child. Teachers also use these test scores to monitor the progress your child makes toward English proficiency.

Please contact me if you have questions about the ACCESS for ELLs test


Pamela Dupras

ELL Resource Teacher

Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

cell contact: 907.942.3492

Battle of the Books

Congratulations to our 3rd and 4th graders who competed in Battle of the Books! Team 1 came in 7th place out of 57 teams and Team 2 came in 20th out of 57.

ANCCS was voted to receive the Sportsmanship Award by the other students in the district.

It's time for the Science Fair!

Students are encouraged to find projects from their own cultures and heritages, from subsistence activities, from activities in the community (whether past or present), or from things that are important to their own families.

PreK-2 Graders:

Collections, Demonstrations, or Experiments

3-8 Graders:

Demonstrations or Experiments

Important Dates:

Tuesday Mornings beginning February 7: Science Fair Lab from 8:00-8:30 a.m. Mr. Greenwood’s room 213

Tuesday, February 28, 2023: Student Entry Forms due

Tuesday, March 21, 2023: All projects are due and should be shared with classroom teachers. Wednesday, March 22, 2023: Projects will be judged (Students will meet virtually with the judges to present their projects)

TBD end of March, 2023: ANCCS Science/MCC Family Night--Awards announced. Families hear about projects and participate in Math and Science activities

Here is a link with more information: ANCCS Science Fair Information Packet

Public Curriculum Review

Opportunity for Public Curriculum Review
The Teaching and Learning Department will host a curriculum outreach event next Thursday, February 2, at the ASD Education Center from 8am-7pm. The new math curriculum materials for Secondary Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II will be on display for the community to review. Information and materials will also be available regarding the new K-3 reading curriculum options being considered.

Attendance Reminder

ASD Goal: Every student will attend school at least 90 percent of the time.

Below is a screenshot of the current attendance numbers for this school year and previous years.

We are at 64.96% for 90% attendance for January.

We want all students to reach 90% attendance. Remember: Less than 8 is great!

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Chronic Elementary Absenteeism: A Problem Hidden in Plain Sight

Full Report

Authors:_ _Anne Discher, Charles Bruner, Hedy Chang

Published: November 2011

Bruner, Charles, Anne Discher and Hedy Chang, Chronic Elementary Absenteeism: A Problem Hidden in Plain Sight, Child and Family Policy Center and Attendance Works, November 2011.

This study confirms the premise that districts and schools may fail to detect high levels of chronic absence because the problem is easily masked by average daily attendance, one of the most commonly calculated attendance measures. While many educators assume a 95 percent ADA rate is an indicator of good attendance, the authors find that is can sometimes mask a problem with chronic absence.

Nurse Corner

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. the Childrens Dental Clinic at Southcentral has once again partnered with our school to provide each student with a goodie bag. If you use them for dental services, please thank them when you are there. It's an amazing gift every February. Attached you will find CDC dental recommendations, and two songs kids can watch while brushing their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste. There are tons of songs on youtube if you'd like a variety. We love to see happy, healthy smiles!

The Tooth Brushing Song | 2-minute tooth brushing song for kids

Say goodbye to tooth brushing tantrums! Designed to help parents with the everyday battle of brushing their kids teeth, The Brush Song not only makes brushing more fun, but also teaches some really important oral health messages. Hit play ️ and brush along, until you reach the end of the song. 😃🎵

Are you ready to brush to the beat?! Grab your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush along with Mickey! Wake up! Wake up! Make it a Mickey Morning! Hang out with Mickey and friends in the morning! Check out more videos with Mickey and friends here: #disneyjunior #mickeymornings

Children's Oral Health | Basics | Children's Oral Health | Division of Oral Health | CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The good news is that cavities are preventable. Fluoride varnish can prevent about one-third (33%) of cavities in the primary (baby) teeth. 3 Children living in communities with fluoridated tap water have fewer cavities than children whose water is not fluoridated. 4 Similarly, children who brush daily with fluoride toothpaste will have fewer cavities. 5

APC Updates

Waqaa ANCCS Families,

The Alaska Native Cultural Charter School (ANCCS) Academic Policy Committee (APC) is happy to share the following updates!

The Anchorage School District (ASD) Board will vote in February on what their intentions for Abbott Loop Elementary School. It is the only ASD school left on the tentative school closure list with plans to demolish the building if they follow through with closure. Without a place for ANCCS to call their own, action was taken and testimony was given at the January 9 board meeting to inquire if Abbott Loop Elementary School is a viable option for our school community.

A huge Quyana to our families that responded to the Abbott Loop Elementary Survey by the deadline. The results indicated that the majority of our families wanted to pursue Abbott Loop Elementary School. ANCCS did just that with the testimony of several people to the board on January 9. The testimonies at the ASD Board meeting sent a powerful message. My deepest thanks to all the students, parents, staff, and APC members who testified on behalf of ANCCS.

Our efforts proved that perseverance works, and the ASD board is now considering repurposing Abbott Loop Elementary for ANCCS’ needs. There is still much work to be done and nothing is official yet, but the APC will continue to work in the interest of the school. We will continue to update families as we receive information and will reach out when we need assistance.

While our short-term goal of getting out of Bettye Davis East High and into a safe and conducive environment for our students and staff remains our #1 priority, our long-term goal of building a new facility is still ongoing. We have been fundraising and creating new partnerships in hopes of one day making this dream a reality. There are many plans for fundraising and strengthening our community, but our BIG fundraising event of the year is fast approaching.

The Friends of ANCCS (FOANCCS), our non-profit organization, in collaboration with the APC, will be hosting the 2nd annual “Brick by Brick” fundraising event. We hope this year will be even better than the last so keep an eye out for an event flyer coming soon. An event of this scale does require a tremendous amount of work, so we are asking our ANCCS families for help:

1. We need auction items! Our goal is to have at least 100 silent auction items and at least 5 live auction items. All donations are much appreciated and will go towards ANCCS’ building capital campaign. If you are interested in helping us reach our fundraising goals, please visit the ANCCS ASD website under the donations tab, and leave a message.

2. Event volunteers

3. Help us advertise the event by sharing it on social media, posting and handing out event flyers, and word of mouth.

We appreciate your trust when it comes to the learning and development of your child while adhering to our cultural values. I cannot stress enough how important your participation and ideas are to the success of our students and school.

About the ANCCS APC: The ANCCS APC is the primary governing body designated to hold the principal accountable for budgets, testing scores, and curriculum with an underlying focus on meeting our Alaska Native Cultural Values objective.

Join the ANCCS APC: Any interested parent or community member is welcomed to inquire about how to join the APC through the election process and attend all meetings – we give plenty of notice prior to any meeting and we would value your involvement.

For more information about the ANCCS APC, please visit our website at


ANCCS Photo Gallery!

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Thank you to our Business Partners!

  • Alaska Native Heritage Center
  • NOVO Foundation

School Board Members:

  • President: Margo Bellamy
  • Vice President: Carl Jacobs
  • Treasurer: Kelly Lessens
  • Clerk: Dora Wilson
  • Seat C: Dave Donley
  • Seat D: Andy Holleman
  • Seat E: Pat Higgins
  • Superintendent: Dr. Jharrett Bryantt

APC Board Members

ANCCS APC – Board:

  • President: Manny Acuna, Parent
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Hancock, Founder/Staff
  • Secretary: Pamela Dupras, Staff
  • Treasurer: Dawson Hoover, Parent
  • Daryl Griggs, Parent
  • Roger Hamacher, Community
  • Ronni Weddleton, Community

ANCCS APC – Elder Council:

  • Lucy Brown
  • Anthony Nakazawa
  • Edgar Blatchford
  • Agnes Baptiste

ANCCS APC – Founders Council

  • Martha Gould-Lehe
  • Rosemary Savage
  • Sheila Sweetsir
  • Janann Kaufman
  • Deborah Pungowiyi
  • Virgina Juettner
  • Lisa Dolcheck
  • Max Dolcheck (remembered fondly for faithful service)

Please let us know if you have any questions! 742-1370 Quyana