Wear Your PPE

dress for the lab like a pro!


- Tie your hair back to keep it out of a flame or chemicals!

- Put away any dangling jewelry!


- Keep chemicals or broken glassware out of your eyes!

- Keep goggles over eyes and not on top of head or around neck!

- No! Regular glasses aren't good enough!


- Sleeves should cover shoulders and be loose enough for movement, but not loose enough to dangle!

- Long sleeves may need to be rolled up!


- Aprons protect you and your clothes too!

- Tie the apron so that it covers you!


- Gloves protect your hands!

- Choose the right gloves for the right setting!

  • Polyethylene, latex, neoprene, or rubber for general protection
  • Nitrile for protection against corrosives and some organics
  • Butyl rubber for protection against some organics
  • Thick cloth, Zetex, or autoclave for handling hot objects

long pants

- Pants should completely cover the legs!

- No shorts or capri length pants in lab!

- No holes or exposed skin!

and always, always have closed toed shoes

- Protect those toes from falling chemicals and glassware!