Will Grayson, Will Grayson

By John Green and David Levithan


Will Grayson is a boy who lives in Chicago. He is constantly overshadowed by his best friend Tiny, who is really not so tiny at all. Will Grayson lives by two rules, shut up and don't care too much. A few hours away lives another Will Grayson. He hates his life, but is in love with someone he has never met. One night, they meet. These Will Grayson's work together to produce the best musical ever.

Why should you read it?

This book is full of laughs with wisdom along the way. This book touches on issues that many teens deal with today.
Will Grayson's best friend Tiny is striving to produce the most amazing musical ever, with some help from his friends.
The other Will Grayson is in love with someone he met over the internet, to cope with his current angry girlfriend, which doesn't last long.
Both the Will Grayson meet in Chicago in a very unlikely place

Emily Howke