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Hello everyone! I am Rishabh Ghora and I am a current junior at Northview high school. I am very interested in math and science related courses including calculus and biology! My favorite would probably be physics. My career aspirations are not completely set, but I do hope to attend college and major in bio medical engineering. I might also want to complete pre med to eventually become a doctor but I haven't really planned that far ahead. I am taking this course to complete my AP Biology credit and to fully establish my understanding and fascination for biology. My expectations for this course are simply to interact with fellow brilliant students, enrich my interest and knowledge of biology and use the information I have learned in the future. I have also taken U.S History on gavs so I am familiar with the layout. Favorite movies would probably include the harry potter movies, favorite show is definitely New Girl and my favorite book series of all time is cirque de freak. I play basketball and cricket but I love to participate in all sports in general. I hope to graduate Northview and have the opportunity to complete my undergraduate school at Georgia tech. I am hoping to have an amazing year!