Guadalajara, Mexico

the city

History of the Guadalajara and Mexico

Guadalajara is a Mexican ciy located in the region of Jalisco and Western- Pacific area. Technically established in 1532, Guadalajara was moved locations five different times until it ended up in an area known as Atemajac. On February 19, 1550 Guadalajara was officially founded.

Mexico was ruled by Spain from 1521 to September 16, 1810 when Mexico began fighting to be released from Spanish rule. Mexico is located in North America and in the Northwestern Hemisphere.

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Climate, Population, and Natural Resources

Guadalajara's average temperature is 60 degress farenheit from December to early February and the average temperature is 74 degrees from June to roughly August. Most rain takes place from June to September.

The city is largely built on a fishing industry. Timber is harvested when dry. Gold and silver are also mined.

Guadalajara is Mexico's second most populous city with a population of 1.495 million people living there.

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Languages Spoken, System of Government, and Sports played

Spanish is the main language spoken by nearly everyone within the city. It resembles the Castallian Spanish. Some people in Guadalajara speak Spanish with diversifying accents.

The system of government is Democracy. A state governor is democratically elected for nonrenewable six year term. Four deputies are for state congress. They have separation of poers and check and balance. Municipal presidents and council members are elected for three years.

Soccer is extremely popular within Guadalajara much like the rest of Mexico. There are three teams in Guadalajara. Guadalajara, Atlas, and Tapatio. They all play within the Jalisco stadium.

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Education, Dance ( Culture), and Native People

The system of education is throughout the whole Mexico. Kids from six to sixteen get public school but most elect to go to private school. Each state in Mexico ( there are thirty one states) has a state university. Guadalajara's is in the city.

There are many different native groups within Mexico and several within the Jalisco area but most are borderline extinction due to the scarcity of those natives after Spanish colonization. The Aztecs, one of the most famous native groups, still have ruins from thousands of years ago in Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is very famous for their exquisite dances such as the very famous Mexican Hat Dance. Dance is an important part of Mexican culture.

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Important historical sites in Guadalajara

City Hall- Guadalajara's city hall fell due to earthquake after many years of serving as City hall and it included many interior murals made by the famous Jose Ciemento Orozco.

Cathedral metropolitan- iconic symbol/ place of Guadalajara because of cathedral towers. Construction of cathedral took place in 1561

Guachimontones Pyramid- archaeological site for the Teuchitlan tradition discovered west of Guadalajara. Many beautiful views can be seen from there.

Teatro Degollado- old historic theater in the center of Guadalajara with beautiful architecture from hundreds of years ago. Perfomances are still shown there.

Aztec Ruins- There are many ruins still in Guadalajara from the Aztecs thousands of years ago.

Jalisco Stadium- is home of Guadalajara's three proffessional soccer teams.