What is Anemia?

By Erika Lopez

What is Anemia?

Anemia is diagnosed as any condition in which our body does not produce enough healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells are critical to our body's well-being.The main function of the red blood cells is to carry the right amount of oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. If your body is not supported by enough red blood cells , you may experience symptoms such as feeling tired or weak,
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How to prevent anemia?

In order for one to prevent anemia , one should choose a vitamin-rich diet. Some of the many vitamins can be:

  • Iron which can be found in beef , beans, and dried fruit
  • Folate which can be found in citrus fruits, bananas, and pasta
  • Vitamin B-12 which can found naturally in meat and dairy products
  • Vitamin C which can be found in citrus fruits, melons and berries

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How to treat Anemia?

Treatment for anemia depends in the type, cause, severeness of the conditions. Treatments may include dietary changes or supplements, medicines, procedures, or surgery to treat blood loss.
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How to manage anemia?

  • Let someone help you with your chores
  • If you work ask your boss if you can work part-time
  • Eat a healthy diet to keep you strong and
  • Also ask about the medicines you can take to help manage your anemia
The Role of Red Blood Cells in Anemia

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