JCPSeSchool News!

December 2014


We recently added pretesting to most of our courses. Our teachers have been working very diligently to make sure the tests have been created and put into place. Pretesting will help students who already know the material move through the course and on to the next one. Click here for a complete listing of courses with pretests.

Did you know?

Our teachers develop and teach their courses. We have both full and part-time teachers who work with us to ensure your child's success. Teachers are highly qualified and write courses that meet local, state, and national standards. We have a full range of high school curriculum, some middle school courses, and college courses for Jefferson County residents. Courses are accessible twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Insight Window

JCPSeSchool offers an Insight Window to our partners, also known as a Parent Portal. This window gives our partners the capability of checking student activity and grades. Many of our partners find this tool useful to manage their slots more efficiently. If you do not have an Insight Window and would like one, email Amber Merrifield at

Who We Serve

We serve students in our district and all over the United States. Students can take our courses independently or through their school. Partners use our courses for a variety of reasons. Our program is used to earn initial credit, credit recovery, and remediation. Some of our partners use our services when a highly qualified teacher is not available and a course is needed for an entire class. We are also used as a home hospital option. Many of our partners have labs set up to assist and monitor students.

Jefferson County residents can use eSchool solely as an option and work on courses from home. We also have a large group of home school students in our county using eSchool for their courses.

Staff Spotlight

The spotlight is on Ford Smith. Mr. Smith is one of our Resource Teachers. Ford has taught with eSchool since 1999. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a Master of Arts in English and a minor in Biology. Before joining eSchool, Ford taught at several high schools in our county including: Manual, Shawnee, and Fairdale. He currently teaches Humanities, Special Topics, and serves as our School Technology Coordinator. Ford is a very genuine individual always giving of his time. He is so giving that he was grading coursework while his daughter was being born. He and his wife found it fitting to name her “Angelica”. Her name comes from the name of our learning management system “Angel”. Ford is the type of individual who is always willing to lend a hand. His passion for helping others shines through so much that we consider him our angel. Ford’s devotion to others doesn't stop with eSchool. He spends many hours with his wife and daughter selling hand-made bracelets for various charities. So far this year, they raised enough money to buy food for over 60 families, and that number is still going up. They also pick a new charity every four months and have made several donations this year. We are truly blessed to have Ford as part of our eSchool family.

Scheduled Outage

JCPSeSchool will be offline from 2 a.m. December 22 to late December 23 for updates. The system will return as soon as all updates are applied.