Noel Carlos Rentas


I came to win, to fight, to conqure, to thrive, ... I came to win, to survive, to prospore, to rise. TO FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :)

This is not a bio, this is my life. My name is Noel. You can call me Noel. I was born in Sacromento, California, United States of America. I was born on the date of May 28, 1995 and I am now seventeen years old. I have a mixed ethnicity that is african american and puerto rican. I am a male that has a bright future ahead of him. I am very trustworthy, optomistic, and curtious. I am a senior that attends Salem High School. I have a very strong GPA and test scores. I play soccer, football, basketball, run track, and at times I play volleyball. Im in the Snior Class Council, DECA Group, and SCA. I like to play video games, play card games, play with my dogs, go swimming,and chill with my friends. My plans after highschool is to attend a community college then a university to get my education degree and master in biology and chemistry. My DREAM is to travel to every state in the UNited States and get a souvenier from each state. I am the youngest of four sibilings. I have a step sister, two sisters, and a brother and their names are Vannessa, Ashley, Carmen, and Jose. Both of my parents are still happily married and the only one that has happened to move out is my step sister and she was recently married. I also have two dogs, Oreo and Roxy.