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A Prayer for Friendship

Dear Lord, teach me to love others the way you first loved me. As I build relationships with others, let them see you in the extent of my generosity, the authenticity of my kindness, and the depths of my love. All of those things are only possible through you, the God who abides with me and calls me friend. Amen.


As calendar dates can be subject to change, please always confirm events by checking our website -

30 July

  • Running Club Cancelled
  • Student Leadership Assembly
  • Year 4 Excursion

2 August

  • Mater Dei Band visit

3 August

  • Year 5 Puberty Talks
  • S.A.C Meeting 6pm

4 August

  • Bishops' Religious Literacy Assessment Year 5
  • Year 5 Puberty Talks

5 August

  • Bishops' Religious Literacy Assessment Year 3
  • Year 6 Mass 9am

6 August

  • Census Day
  • Merit Assembly
  • Bogan Bingo Night


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International Friendship Day!

In 2011, the UN declared the 30th July as International Friendship Day and friendship celebrations are held across Australia and New Zealand to mark this special day each year. Whilst our world may face many challenges such as poverty and violence that undermine peace, through friendship we can develop bonds of trust and camaraderie between people regardless of race or beliefs. This will help create a better world where we are all united for the greater good. The best way to achieve this is to instil positive ideals of friendship in children through education.

International Friendship Day is celebrated with community activities aimed at bringing those of different backgrounds together. The increased popularity of social media throughout the world has also led to International Friendship Day being popularised online, allowing people in different countries and from contrasting backgrounds to easily come together.

However you choose to celebrate International Friendship Day, it's a great opportunity to celebrate the important people in our lives and how they make our own worlds better!

“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command… Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.” - John 15:12-15

From my readings...

We all encourage our children to “do your best”. Everything is alive and changing all the time, so their best will sometimes be high quality and at other times will not be as good; it could depend on whether they are feeling wonderful and happy or upset and moody.

When children are doing their best, it’s usually because they enjoy what they’re doing and feel confident about it, rather than doing it for a reward. They should do their best because they want to do it, not because they have to do it and not because they are trying to please someone else. When our children don’t do their best, they are somewhat denying themselves the opportunity to be who they really are. So, how can we support our children to do their best? Well, most children become what adults tell them they can become. Children take words to heart, especially words from the adults they love; they want and need to believe what their parents say about them. Through our speech and behaviour towards our children, we communicate to them the boundaries of their potential.

Sometimes, children need feedback from their parents to help guide their behaviour. When we do give feedback, we need to focus on the behaviour not on our child’s general worth as a person. To help children to do their best, we need to show a genuine interest in them and let them know how much we care about them. We need to acknowledge what’s important to them and provide affirmation about who they are and what they’re doing. We need, on occasion, to say “well done.” Nothing worth doing is ever easy; worthwhile things always take time and effort. When the need arises, we might offer to lend a hand. If our children see that we are willing to commit our time and energy to their interests, they will be more committed to see things through and be less likely to give up on themselves.

God Moments!

Watching the children sitting, eating their nutritious lunches and chatting and laughing with their friends.

When adults, staff and students happily greet each other at school of a morning.

When two students came to the office at the same time with bee stings. When asked, “My gosh, were you playing with bees?” One answer was yes and the other answer no!

Andrew Kelly



Marketing and Rebranding

Last Friday the Marketing and Rebranding Committee, which is made up of teachers, parents, S.A.C members and the leadership team, all met with Image Seven to begin mapping our journey out towards modernising the school logo, signage and marketing material. Image Seven will now take away the information we provided and collate some ideas moving forward. We look forward to keeping the community updated throughout this process.

We now have AUSLAN at St Luke's!

We are sure that you have all heard the buzz from the students- that they are now learning AUSLAN for this semester! It has been delightful to hear the positive feedback from students, teachers and parents in just the first 2 weeks!

So who is this new teacher I hear you say?!?!!? Meet Mrs Cragg!

Some of you may recognise her from our school discos when she has been DJ Sarah! This lady of many talents is also a highly qualified AUSLAN teacher who is now celebrating her gifts with us in another way as our AUSLAN teacher!

"Hello, my name is Sarah (Mrs Cragg). I am the new Auslan teacher and I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who has made me feel welcome to St Luke’s. Here are some things about me:

  • I love being able to help others and I participate in a number of charity organisations.
  • I am passionate about Auslan as it has assisted me in interactions with people who have communication barriers.
  • I have worked at St Luke’s previously, in a different capacity at the school discos, as I am also a DJ.
I look forward to getting to know everyone in the St Luke’s Catholic community, and building a passion for learning in the students."

So if you see Mrs Cragg in the school, be sure to say (or sign!) hello to her and welcome her to our community.

Acts of Service at St Luke's

Congratulations to our Year 4 teachers and students who made a mention in the St Vinnie's magazine! What a wonderful contribution the St Luke's community made to those less fortunate than ourselves. This is yet another way you are all living out St Luke's mission and our exhibiting our school rainbow values! Top work everyone!
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Lulu on the Gram!

Lulu our wellness dog is on Instagram! Her handle is luluthestlukesdog if you want to follow her and show your children. You may have seen Lulu in more of our classrooms this week. She has been doing an outstanding job of calming, cheering up and generally delighting all the students along her way. Thank you to our Librarian, Mrs Simmonds who has been so dedicated in training Lulu and bringing her to school for the wellbeing of our students.

If you have some great news or any achievements to share in the newsletter, we would love to hear from you:

Sarah Williams & Maura Killalea


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One Big Voice

Our Choir will be performing during the matinee session of the One Big Voice Festival Concert in Week 5 on Friday, August 20th. We will leave school by bus for a rehearsal prior to the concert. Those parents who wish to attend the concert and collect their children afterwards may do so, otherwise the children will return to school by bus. More information regarding these procedures will be sent out closer to the date.

Parents, carers, grandparents, and friends are invited to attend this festival. Tickets can be purchased from July 20th through Ticketek online, a Ticketek agency or at RAC Arena. You can also follow the Concert Info and Ticket Info links on the OBV website:

2021 August School Census

The annual School Census is scheduled for Friday, 6 August 2021.

If your child is absent on this day please ensure you notify the school via the absentee portal on our website using Quicklinks - Absentee icon.

Students not returning in 2022

Student positions at St Luke's are highly sought after in the community. If you are not returning to St Luke's in 2022 please notify the office as soon as possible by emailing

Thank you


Year 5 Social Justice Focus-Fostering Hope

In Term 3, Year 5 have chosen to support Fostering Hope, a charity established to support emergency foster carers and the children they care for.

Babies, children and teenagers arrive in the homes of foster carers at any time of the day or night, often arriving with only the clothes they are wearing. Newborn babies often leave hospital, going straight to foster carers with only with the nappy and jumpsuit the nursing staff have given them. Toddlers and children sometimes arrive in the clothes they have slept in, or the clothes they wore to school that day. They often come with no shoes, socks, spare underwear, or toiletries such as toothbrush or comb.

On the 13th of August, St Luke’s will be holding a “Footy Fan” dress up day. Children may come to school dressed in their favourite team’s footy colours for a gold coin donation. All funds raised will go to Fostering Hope. In the meantime, Year 5 are asking for donations of items that can go to immediately supporting children “in care.” Hopefully, families can have a clean out of children’s wardrobes and will have some items to donate.

At this time of the year, Fostering Hope needs warm pyjamas, socks, dressing gowns, jackets, tracksuit pants, jeans, jumpers and children’s backpacks (no previous owner’s names on them). They are also happy to collect summer clothes for when the weather is warmer.

They are always in need of new underwear, nappies, formula, toiletries, (combs, brushes, toothbrushes) prams, cots, books and toys.

All the items need to be in excellent, clean and complete condition for the safety and esteem of the children. Donations can be bought to either of the Year 5 classrooms.

Judy Coburn


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Instrumental Lessons

Our beautiful String and Woodwind tutor, Mrs Kathryn Horton, returns to us this term following sick leave. If you would like to start lessons on violin, cello or flute, please contact Mrs Horton directly-

Mr Christian Lombardi continues to provide drum tuition-

Keyed Up Music provides our students with tuition on guitar, piano and now voice! Please see their website for further information regarding private or group lessons-

Rebecca Longbottom



Please make sure your child's school clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles and containers are clearly labelled. Each day different items are found and bought to the office. It is very difficult to return these items to the student when it is not labelled.

  • Unlabelled Lunch boxes, containers & drink bottles are kept for 2 weeks then thrown out.
  • Unlabelled uniforms will be donated to the uniform shop after 2 weeks.

Thank you



Welcome everyone to week 2!

Our next big school event BOGAN BINGO is only a week away! Let’s celebrate our school community (plus the fact we can have awesome events like this) and come out for a fun night!!! Tables of 10 can be pre-arranged or come along and meet some other cool people at an open table. The night is Friday, 6 August with tickets purchased via Flexischools at $25 each. After 30th July tickets at the door are $30. Make your way up to St Luke’s dance room off Duffy Terrace and be sure to have all your bogan goodies! Check out the flyer for all the finer details! In addition to grabbing tickets, we would really love some parents to volunteer for small jobs on the night. Setting up in the afternoon, packing up, and selling raffle tickets are just some examples of where we need extra hands. Please email with what you can help with.

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2021 Book Fair - Theme "Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds"

Another great event this term is our school Book Fair. Held in week 6 from Tuesday - Friday, 24–27 August. The theme is “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.” Lock in a morning or afternoon during the week to bring your children through the fair! We thank the year 2 parents and Mrs Simmonds who will be facilitating this wonderful event for the school.

Kangaroo Cafe

Kangaroo Café is up and hopping away with a reminder to have all orders in for Thursday 11pm for the following Monday. If you need to cancel your order ON THE MORNING of canteen (Mondays) please text Mez on 0401000916. Thanks again to all our wonderful family and friends who are volunteering in the Kangaroo Café!

Save the Date

Finally, we would like to put a SAVE THE DATE out for FAMILY CAMP 2021. Thanks to some great planning, the camp at Gingin is booked from 19th-21st November. (The 19th November being a pupil free day😊) Bookings will be available soon and will be made via Flexischools.

P&F Meeting

Just some notice regarding our next P and F meeting. The first one for Term 3 is Tuesday, 10 August at 7.30pm in the library. Anyone who would like to add an item to the agenda please email All parents and carers are most welcome to attend!

Kathryn Peake



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Welcome to Mass everyone and a big welcome to all new parishioners and visitors to our

Parish of St Luke, Woodvale.

If you are new to our parish, we invite you to complete the Visitors Book in the foyer.

Fr. Stephen would also love to meet you, so please introduce yourself after Mass. You are welcome to visit us at the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am—2.30pm.

For more information about our wonderful St Luke's Parish and to read the current

Bulletin please click here.



Kim Robins was announced in the Australian Men's Wheelchair Basketball Rollers team for the Tokyo Paralympics in a few weeks time. It has been a dream of his to represent Australia at the paralympics since attending the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. Kim was a student of St Luke's, he graduated in 2000. This has been a fabulous example of how dreams really can come true with hard work and determination. Our family is so proud and praying the Paralympics will still go ahead starting mid August.

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