$$ Judging Salaries $$

Help Tabitha to find the better option! ~ Riza (P.1)

Word Problem:

Tabitha has just received two job opportunities as an assistant manager, from two different companies. TechnoWorld® offered her a steady salary of $3500 per month. Cyber Solutions® offered her a salary of $2000 plus $100 per item sold; if she sells more than 5 products. Which salary is the most feasible for her? (Hint: Which one has the better salary?)

In order for Tabitha to find out which salary is the most feasible for her, she needs to do some mathematical calculations.

Let's bring out the equations:


S = Salary

p = No.of items sold(P.S: More than 5 products per month)


S = 3500

Cyber Solutions®:

S = 2000 + 100p

Cyber Solutions® Salary Chart

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TechnoWorld® Salary Chart

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The Graph

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Point of Intersection/Graphic Solution

TechnoWorld® Equation: S = 3500

Cyber Solutions®Equation: S = 2000 + 100p

3500 = 2000 + 100p

3500 - 2000 = 100p

1500 = 100p

1500/100 = p

15 = p

Substitute 15 in place of p to find the S value.

S = 2000 + 100(15)

S = 2000 + 1500

S = 3500

Therefore the point of intersection would be (15, 3500). This means that both the lines would intersect at the point (15, 3500). Therefore Tabitha would have to sell 15 products in Cyber Solutions® in order to meet the same salary as TechnoWorld®'s.


In conclusion, Tabitha found that the most feasible salary would be at TechnoWorld®. This is because she thought that it is highly unlikely that she would be able to sell more than 15 products at Cyber Solutions® per month to meet and exceed the salary at TechnoWorld®.