Extraordinarily European

A little bit about Scotland, Denmark, and Greece

When most people think of Europe, they think of the UK, France, Germany, or Spain... But I'd like to take a look at a few countries not quite as often the first to come to mind. I chose to research Scotland, Denmark, and Greece. I'll let you know how Scotland does not technically count as a country currently, about the beauty of Denmark, and brush you up on some Greek history along with it's current events.

A Nation of the UK

Until the May 1, 1707, the Kingdom of Scotland was independent. The Act of Union joined Scotland and England as the Kingdom of Great Britain. It is now considered a nation.

An Effect on the USA

Explorer Vitus Bering explored northern Siberia and eventually found Alaska. The Bering Strait, the Bering Island, the Bering Sea, etc. are named after him.

Current Event

Greece almost went bankrupt and almost had to leave the eurozone. The Parliament of Greece recently approved a budget plan to try to get out of the debt. It is commonly called the 2014 budget plan.