A new and exciting way to reach college graduates

They have lots of decisions to make, products to buy, and lifelong brand loyalties to establish...be the one they choose!

Once the Class of 2012 crosses the graduation stage, it will be difficult to keep them still for long--get their attention NOW!

This year's crop of new young professionals is itching to get that diploma under their belt and head out into the 'real world' of work and independent living. Right now they feel invincible, but very, very soon they're going to discover that neither their parents nor their college truly prepared them for all the decisions and situations they're about to face.

Being unprepared for real life, they'll be stressed and distracted--and that will translate into decreased employability and overall happiness. But this is where you can help: by putting the tools in their hands that they need to make a smooth and successful transition from campus to the real world, your products and services will enjoy up to a year of highly targeted exposure to these young people who will be establishing their brand loyalties and spending their new-found income.

Today's college graduates want cheat sheets for real life. Well, they can have them!

Wouldn't it have been nice if you had Cliff's Notes for real life when you graduated from college? Think of all the headaches, stress, false starts, and just plain dumb decisions you could have avoided. Today's grads can bypass the School of Hard Knocks when they have GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After College! in their hands--it's over 300 pages, covering more than 150 situations and decision points that every grad will face when they leave campus. No need to have a highlighter in hand with this book...it includes only the most savvy advice and helpful insights gleaned from dozens and dozens of interviews and contributions from experts around the country all presented in fast-reading bulleted action-item lists that make it easy to 'get in, get out, and go do it'!

By becoming a sponsor of GRADS: TAKE CHARGE! you help create a true win-win-win

Colleges and universities want to gift their grads with copies of this one-of-a-kind resource, but their budgets have already been squeezed to the max. With your sponsorship, we can provide copies to graduating seniors at no cost to them or their schools.

Learn how affordable it is to get your message in front of thousands of new young professionals this spring--the graduates, their parents, their schools, even their future employers thank you!

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