Left Alone To Suffer

elevated highways save animals and peoples lives

The Cold Brick Road

Isn't it sad that we always see our poor creatures, suffer from car strikes? I'm guessing sad right because, there are gone just like that? Millions of helpless animals die from vehicles running over them. What did they ever do to harm us? And so help me, why don't we help them? You may think there will be nothing to help these poor animals. But there is an anwser to this question and that is......Elevated Highways.

Metal Pancakes

64% of car accidents happen because running over an animal or running into an animal. Have you ever seen a metal flat bloody pancake? Well that is exactly what happened to a poor man in 2006 December 26th. He was coming home from his dutys and he was going the speed limit of 45mph. When out of the woods raced in front of the car was a big buff bull. He was lisening to music so he couldn't stop. So he made a huge colition with this unexpecting bull. " Didn't see 'em comin' but the poor fella got smushed in my car before I jumped out of the window." The man tells Channel 8 News.

His car used to be bright blue but now his car is a deep color, of red.


Reason (2). It is safe. In 2002 animal rescuers, police officers, and ambleance all came to rescue this car that ran right into a herd of kalibou. That caused the person who was driving the vehical to, have a broken spine, broked neck, and became parilized. Although most of the animals survived but 24 of the animals sadly didn't make it.

Cracks and Vulnerable

About 1\3 of the U.S turtles are reaching dangerously low numbers. Scientists believe that the declining numbers are caused by increasing traffic near their homelands.

One day an unexcepting sea turtle named Mallory was coming to shore, not knowing that her life was about to come to an end. She saw some delisous flowers on the other side of the highway. Being 150 years old( like all turtles ) are very very slow. But she had confidence even though it meant that she had to risk her life.

She started to stumble across the road, when it was clear, smart turtle right? When out of nowhere, a blue ford came racing down the road. Parilized by the head lights Mallory froze, then it happend poor Mallory was hit.

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P.U Willy!!!

Have you ever ran over a skunk before? Most people have, and reports say that, the stink of rodents can peel your paint right off the dashboard of your car. If you run over a animal you may not open your windows, especialy when you ran over a skunk. P.U, police officers explain to young man after he ran over a skunk, to not turn on hot air because the stink goes through your car and comes out your vents ( air sourses).


Many of our animals suffer from cars, and many die every year. If you don't do something about these helpless animals. More and more endangered species will become extincted. If you are warm hearted and love animals like me, I know that you will do something to save these animals.