Rebirth of World Trade Center

Mark Gronemus

The New World Trade Center Building

The U.S. was tragically attack on September 11th 2001 and our World Trade Towers were destroyed. This couldn't stop America. We have now rebuilt a memorial and a new trade center in New York. The new trade center is called One World Trade Center. The building has 104 floors standing at 1776 feet tall. At the top 100-102 floors will be used for public viewing. In the building there is over 2.6 million square feet of floor space. The new world trade center will never entirely replace the old towers because 9/11 is a day America will never forget.

Twin Towers Memorial

Today in memory of the twin towers where the towers stood are two 30 feet deep man-made waterfalls. These are the largest falls in North America. The pool are reflective and from the sides you can't see the bottom of the pools to show that we will never forget 9/11 just like you will never see the bottom of the pool. The pools are surrounded by the names of the victims from 9/11.


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