Module 4, Lesson 5

Notes, Practice, & Assignment

MLA Citation

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Today's Lesson

As honors seniors you have more than likely spent a fair amount of time paraphrasing and directly citing information. Certainly with the new Common Core curriculum we've done quite a bit of this just this semester alone! But, it's especially imperative that you cite properly when doing research, so today's information and activities will provide a review of that material and information on how to create a works cited page.

Here's an excellent handout from Cal State that gives you an easy to navigate overview of MLA formatting. I strongly encourage you to print up a copy:

Another cite that can help you out quite a bit is:

Here's a cool prezi that will also walk you through all of the steps to proper MLA formatting:

It's ok if you're still gathering research, or if you create it with a source you eventually decide not to use, but having a 'rough draft' so to speak will save you tremendous time when it's time to submit the official version. One important reminder: make sure your formatting is MLA! At this point you should have most of your credible sources. Once again as a reminder, make sure your formatting is MLA!

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Time Crunch!

Many of you have asked about the end of the first quarter and we are only two weeks away from the end! Friday, 10-23 is the last day of this quarter. You need to review your grades and make sure you are not missing any assignments. This Tuesday, progress reports will go out to schools....make sure there are no surprises! If you need any help trying to get back on track, let me know ASAP!

Shout out!

Makayla and Devin, wonderful discussion on your topics! I know there is a lot going on right now for applications, classes, jobs, sports, etc. This can be a very stressful time in your life and you two have definitely recognized this issue. Every year I talk with my seniors about ways to cope and getting through the hurdles of senior year....there are so many things to take into consideration, just keep calm and take things one day at a time! Just think, you will be graduating soon!