Cheddar Cheese

Demand Supply and Price

Cheddar Cheese

  • United States was ranked second with 5.04 million metric tons (about 10.6 billion pounds) in 2013
  • Wisconsin was the leading cheese producing state in the U.S with a cheese of about 2.86 billion pounds that year
  • California and Idaho were the next to states to produce the most cheese.
  • Total U.S cheese sales: about 3.52 billion pounds in 2014
  • Cheddar was the best-selling cheese variety in the private label-dominated department in 2014
  • The per capita amount of cheese consumption: about 33.42 pounds in 2013

Factors That Effect Cheddar Cheese

Consumer Tastes: Vegan and vegetarian

Income: Cheddar cheese is a low cost product

Substitutes and Complements: Competition: Kraft, Velveeta, etc

Consumer Expectations: People may want a packaged cheese that has no chemicals etc.

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Predictions of the Cheddar Cheese Market

  • The price of cheddar cheese will increase because of the taste of consumers.
  • Vegan cheese is becoming more and more popular however it costs more to make.
  • The prices of milk are increasing.
  • The availability of cows is decreasing.

  • The price has already increased 10% from 2013 to 2016.
  • The size of the cheddar cheese market is estimated to be between $5.5 and $6 billion.


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