DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, January 22, 2016

A note from Kris......

I promise to write something really inspirational for the Monday Morning Message but for today’s bulletin – I am just going to say, TGIF!!!!!

Building Open Saturday!

The building will be open Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

Picture Day - Friday, January 29th

Friday, January 29th is spring picture day. We will take our group faculty picture at 7:30am in the cafeteria.

The schedule will go out next week.

For class pictures, please bring your students lined up from tallest to shortest.

Sub Appreciation Week

Substitute Appreciation Week will be February 22 - February 26!

Upcoming Events - January 25-January 29

mClass 1/5-1/29 for K & 1st; SMI Testing Window Gr. 2-5; 4th Math DLA2 1/19-1/29; Gold Week in the Library; Tina for announcements; The Great Kindness Challenge!

Monday, 1/25 - Day 5; Chess Club 7:35am; Challenge; Check In Check Out Meeting 10:30am; Admin Meeting 11am; Team Leader Meeting 4pm

Tuesday, 1/26 -Academic Collaboration - Kinder.; Day 6; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Challenge; School Store during lunches; AP Meeting 9:30am; ASD - Khan

Wednesday, 1/27 - Academic Collaboration - 5th; ; Day 1; Eagle Drummers 7:15am; Holy Covenant Work Day in the library; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Stiles; New Teacher Academy Mid-Year Celebration @ ESC 4pm

Thursday, 1/28 - Academic Collaboration - 4th; Day 2; Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm; ASD - Adams; Vertical Team Meetings 4pm; Inspiring Imagination Teacher Grants Workshop 4:30pm @ ESC; Books, Blankets & Bears for Kinder 6pm in cafe

Friday, 1/29 - Day 3; Drama Club 7:15am; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Picture Day!

Presidential Awards for Excellence in the Mathematics and Science Teaching

The National Science Foundation is currently accepting nominations and applications for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in the Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) program. PAEMST is the highest recognition that a kindergarten through 12th grade math or science teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the United States. Awards may be given to math and science teachers in each state and U.S. jurisdiction and up to 108 awardees may be recognized each year.

This year the teachers in grades K-6 are eligible for this award. Presidential awardees will receive a certificate signed by the President of the United States, a trip for two to Washington DC to attend a series of recognition events and professional development opportunities, and a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation. Awardees also join an active network of outstanding educators throughout the Nation.

Anyone, including the general public, may nominate one or more teachers by completing the nomination form available at https://www.paemst.org. You will need the teacher's name, email address and school contact information for submission. Teachers may also initiate the application process themselves at https://www.paemst.org.

The nomination deadline for teachers (grades K-6) is Friday, April 1, 2016. The application deadline is Sunday, May 1, 2016. If your campus does nominate a teacher, please notify the curriculum coordinator as well.

upcoming Events February 1 - February 5

Kris for announcements; Blue week in the library; 3rd Gr. Math DLA2 1/25-2/5; National School Counselor's Week

Monday, 2/1 - Rotation Day 4; Challenge; Dr. Phillips' groups meet; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Lego Club begins for 2nd Semester 3:45pm; New Teacher meeting 4pm in IC office

Tuesday, 2/2 - Rotation Day 5; Academic Collaboration 3rd; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Challenge; Suzie Williams on campus; Sacred Planning; School Store during lunches; PBIS Committee Meeting 4pm in T10; ASD - Curtino

Wednesday, 2/3 - Rotation Day 6; Academic Collaboration 2nd; Eagle Drummers Rehearsal 7:15am; Sacred Planning; IC Meeting 12pm; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Shaughnessy

Thursday, 2/4 - Rotation Day 1; Academic Collaboration 1st; Student Council Meeting 7:30am; 3rd Grade Performances, times to be announced; Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm; ASD - Green-Francis; Life Skills Parent Meeting 5-6:30pm; 3rd Gr. Performance 6pm

Friday, 2/5 - Rotation Day 2; Drama Club 7:15am; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Kinder SOAR Store (5th) 12:30pm & 1st Gr. SOAR Store (4th) 1pm; Progress Report grades submitted

Valentine's Parties

Our Valentine's Day Parties are scheduled for February 12th.

  • am PK 10:30am
  • 1st Grade 1:45pm
  • all other grades 2:40pm

We will have our annual Carnation Sales during lunches in the cafeteria on Thursday, February 11th and Friday, February 12th. Carnations are $1 each.

Outstanding First Year Teacher of The Year Nominations

Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year nomination forms were put in mailboxes this week. The criteria for nominees is shown on the back of the nomination form. Our first year teachers are:

  • Megan Curtino
  • Sarah Glick
  • Sarah English
  • George Shaughnessy

Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year nomination forms are due by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 27th. Please turn nomination forms in to the envelope marked "Nomination Forms" in Leigh Ann's inbox in her office. (Immediately to the left when you walk in the door)

Thank you.....

  • Debbie Nichols, Chandra Zepeda, April Crump, Rosemary Teague, Dawn Gray, and Randy Sosa for helping out with the Science Fair Parent Meeting and to Leah Lowry for a wonderful presentation
  • Science Fair Committee – Debbie Nichols, Elizabeth Keeton, Denise Harrell, Chandra Zepeda, April Crump, Rosemary Teague, Rebecca Fuller, Dawn Gray, Randy Sosa, Marianne Wise, and Leah Lowry for the work they have put into the Science Fair so far
  • To all teachers for encouraging students to participate in the Science Fair
  • Debby Herrera and Betty Montilla for their outstanding leading of the 2nd graders performance at the Katy ISD School Board Meeting!
  • Denise Harrell and Whitney Jackson for presenting a book to the Katy ISD School Board.
  • Denise Harrell, Whitney Jackson, Cindy Archer, Casey Smith and Rebecca Fuller for attending the Katy ISD Board Meeting and supporting our fabulous singers!
  • Renee Holland for keeping us up to date on our CPI training requirements.

Holy Covenant Volunteer Work Day

We will have some volunteers from Holy Covenant here next Wednesday, January 27th, in the morning. Please send Kim Specksgoor any projects you have that they can word on for you.

Reminders about projects:

Be sure you include your name

Instructions and a sample

Supplies needed to complete the project.


W2’s will begin being printed on Monday. If you have selected email as an option, those emails will start going out during this printing process. We will pick up the W2s by noon on Friday, 1/29 and they will be placed in mailboxes. If you selected email only as a delivery option, you will NOT receive a printed copy.