BYOD Bell Work

BYOD Bell Work-Engaging Students from the Start

Start Your Devices...

This session will be fast paced and packed full of BYOD tools that you can use for bell work to engage and motivate your students. These activities will also help with the students' comprehension and retention of material taught in class. Buckle up your seat belts and lets get ready to win with these BYOD Bell Work Tools.

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*Educators will participate in the use of a variety of BYOD tech tools that can be used as lesson starters or bell work in any class.

*Educators will learn a variety of strategies that they can use with students to engage them in meaningful lesson starters using BYOD tools.​

All About BYOD

How to Choose What Tool to Use?


Links to the Sites

Student Links


Examples of Polling Bellwork


Example of Brainstorming Bell Work

The Key to Bell Work Success...

The key to successful BYOD bell work implementation is consistency and practice. It will be rocky at the start, but like with any procedures at the beginning of the year if you are consistent and clear about your expectations then it will be smooth sailing at the beginning of every class for the rest of the year. You will even have time to take up lunch money, field trip permission slips, take attendance and everything else that you have to do at the beginning of class. And with effective, meaningful bell work your students are involved in a task and add in the BYOD and now you are engaging them and motivating them with these easy tools.