Morning Glory

By: Brooke Steffen

About Morning Glory

When they are all done growing they look like trumpets. Their vines go up to 15 feet.
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Pistil provides a place for pollen grains to land and germinate.


Is when the sun reflects off the plant and when Carbon dioxide goes into the leaf and makes food for the plant. The plant gives off oxygen for people to breath.
Birth of flower - seeds will germinate and begin to grow roots. Then a stem will grow up through the surface.
Growth and development - the seedling begins to grow taller and produce leaves. The plant will begin to mature and grow flowers.
Reproduce - pollination of a flower is necessary for this step. It is done by wind, rain and insects.
Death of a flower - the flower will die and dry up. The seeds will then be carried away by wind, birds and insects. The growth process will start over again.

Life cycle

It starts life as a seed which germinates then the plant starts to grow then it grows into a flower then it produces fruit then the fruit releases the seeds then the plant dies