The Giver Birthday

By: Charlee Peters


I was born January 8th, 2003.

People who share my birthday.

  • Elvis Presley (Singer) born 1935
  • David Bowie (Singer) born 1947
  • Kim Jong-un (World Leader) born 1983
  • Noah Cyrus (Miley Cyrus's Sister) born 2000
  • David Silva (Soccer Player) born 1986

Things that happened on my Birthday

  • 2005- U.S First class mail was raised to $0.39.
  • 1998- Ramzi Yousef was sentenced to life in prison for his role of mastermind behind the World Trade Center bombing.
  • 1992- George Bush collapsed during a dinner in Tokyo from stomach flu.
  • 1962-Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was exhibited in America for the first time.
  • 1958- Bobby Fisher won the United States Chess Championship for the first time.

Fun facts about January

  • Romans called January after the god of gateways, Janus.
  • The birthstone is the Garnet.
  • The flower is the Carnation.
  • More couples separate or divorce in January.
  • New Years day is in January.

Birthday Memories

  • My 8th birthday was my golden birthday and my mom threw a huge party that was runway themed.
  • My 11th Birthday I got 2 fish and my sister got 1 because she threw a fit so my mom got her one, and my sisters fish lived longer than both of mine.
  • My 13th Birthday I got a hamster named Finch.