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History Of Brazil

Brazil is one of the 3 modern states in the Americas to posses it's own indigenous monarchy (other two being Mexico and Haiti) for almost 90 years. Besides the Independence War, decades of pressure from the United Kingdom stood out for the country to end involvement with the Atlantic Slave Trade. Wars broke out in the region of La Plata River as well as many other wars following in the 1820's, 50's, and 60's. The last war against Paraguay was the bloodiest and most expensive in South American history. Afterwards, Brazil entered into a period continuing to present day, averse to external political and military interventions.


The culture of Brazil is derived originally from Portuguese culture, because of its connection with the Portuguese empire. The Portuguese had brought it's language, Roman Catholicism, and colonial architectural styles. The culture itself though, is strongly influenced by African, indigenous and non-Portuguese European cultures and traditions.

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Brazilians are among the most musical people on the planet, and their music is definatly the most highly developed art form here. No matter where you go, you will come across music, dancers, singers, and other amazing entertainment. Genres like Pagode, Samba, Frevo, Forro, and Lambada all have their own special dances.