Environment study project

Janniel Lopez period 1 Ms.Kibbey


  1. Orlando history dates back to 1513 the founder of Orlando is jerniganThe first population In 1513 their were 238,300 in the 2010 census making it the 67th larges city in the states.The last 170 years have been a time of Phenomenal change for what was once reffred to as”the Phenomenal City.


  1. The weather mean temperature was 62F.The max temperature was 74F 68F 78F (1997).The degree days are 2 the Growing degree 12(base 50).Moisture dew point:(54F), Avreage humidity(70),max humidity(96)minimum humidity(39).


I eat rice and beans and me and my celebrate the three kings on three kings day.The most favorite holiday is thanksgiving me and my uncle knows how to make a turkey.All of my family members come from all over the world just to hang out together.I was born here in Orlando Florida but we moved to puerto rico.