Lord of the Flies

By William Golding

A plane crash...

lands many English schoolboys onto an uninhabited island, all alone for the very first time in their whole lives. After finding other survivors, one of the boys named Ralph decides to set up a whole community on their island but is quickly discouraged after finding out what being alone is really like.
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Will you help these suffering boys?

These suffering boys, no older than your 12 year old son or your 8 year old friend. These boys, are living on their own, in the wild with no survivor skills, at all. Will you help these boys overcome human nature and the presence of Evil or will you let them suffer and regret it for the rest of your life.
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Lord of the Files...

is an award winning book winning the Noble Prize in literature in 1983. Lord of the Flies also earned the Booker award in 1980. While winning these awards Lord of the flies was one of the most popular books in 35 different countries becoming a great read for people at all ages. Therefore with all of its awards, it is only common since to read this classic award winning allegory at some point in your life.
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