Yocelinee Mercado

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement

My name is Yocelinee, and I have been a student in Henrico County since Kindergarten. I am punctual, with a strong attendance record. I am organized at home and at school. I believe that these are strong character traits. I feel that my organizational skills are an asset for work.I am very helpful at home with items such as; cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and other chores, even without being asked. I'm also helpful at school, for example helping teachers with errands. I am outgoing and friendly, and work well with others. I am a member of the spirit club, and I show my spirit and my creative mind by making posters for Byrd's sports and other events.

Working Experience Journal

1.10.14- Today Mrs.Jones was teaching us how to use Smore.com. I also learned how to began writing my personal statement using S'more.


We took all class time to work on our smores. I finished on my personal statement i think i actually did pretty good.


Snow days!


Student Holiday


Today we had an interview with Mrs.Miller's daughter. She was every nice with us. She gave us a lesson on how to show up for an interview and how not to show up to one. I think i did okay i was kinda nerves. It was excited to experience what an actual interview would feel like.


On Wensday the class was working on our smores. After that we went up to the liberty to see the copy room were we were going to go to if we need to copy anything, get their mailbox stuff, laminate or if they wanted us to get a drink for them while working.


On Friday was our first day of work!! I was kinda nerves at first think of how it would feel like to work for a teacher. But before all that Mr.Timok took a picture of us by our self for our passes that we soon well be getting. After that he told us to go to our teachers and start working. As I got closer I was getting really nurves and i knock on the door Miss.Hamtpon was not there so Miss.Mallon had came out to tell me that she was at a meeting and to come back later so I left. I went to Mr.Timok and I had told him what happen. He told me to go to Mrs.Turlinton for today. So I did excally how I was told and I told Mrs.Turnington so she told me to okay and she asked me if I wanted to help her cutting the words of the week. I said of course and so i helped her with that after that she told me to bring down some poster so I could put the poster up on the wall so I did. Then Mrs.Hampton came in started talking to some of the teachers in the class.


Second day of work I waited for Mrs.Hampton for like 4 min. had to go make some copies for Mrs.Hampton. I helped Mrs. Hampton clean her I also learned how to lemnade some posters for her so i could post them up on the wall.


I had came inside Mrs.Hampton classroom i saw there was nobody was there so I went inside and saw that the chairs were all messed up so I fixed them up for her and once I was done she came inside and she told me that she was with a teacher. But anyway I was like ooh okay then she told me if i could help her go pick up something she printed i said yes so i made my way up there waited for it to be finished printing. Ones it was done printing I picked them up and walked straight to Mrs.Hampton's room.After I handed her the papers she told me to clean the board for her. Once i was done she told me to write the date,homework and the daily fact up on the board.


Wednesday I had to ease the board for Mrs.Hampton then clean it with water. After when I was done cleaning the white board I had put the chairs up on top of the tables for her. Went around the room seeing if there was anything needing to be picked up. Then after I was done cleaning around Mrs.Hampton had asked me if i wanted some gum and I was like yes Thank you. She wanted me to grade some papers for her so I did and before I could finish the annousments had came on and I had to go back to class.


Friday I had walked around the tracked with Mrs.Hampton, Mrs.Mallon and German. I didn't do much but I was glade i had at break and getting some fresh air.After that we went inside to Mrs.Hampton's room. The first thing she told me was to erase the board and then wash it with water. After that I asked Mrs.Hampton if she need help with something else. She said yes if i could help her grade some papers and I said of course. She made a key first then she gave me a class set to grade and she gave German another set of papers to grade.


The first thing i knew i had to do was clean the white-bored and after write the daily fact up on the bored which i always learn something new every time i write the daily fact because it always something interesting like its really cool learning something new every work day :) . But after that I would stack the chairs on the table and while i was doing that i saw that two people forgot there chargers. So Mrs.Hampton told me to go the office and ask to see what class they were in so i can take them to them. I took it to them and went back to Mrs.Hampton and seat there quietly.


I got to Mrs.Hampton and first thing she had me do was to wash the white bored


Late Wesnday i cleaned the white bored then I cleaned the tables.After that i put the chairs on the tables. She told me to pick up the stuff like pencil.


Friday i when to help mrs.Turlington and I made her some copied then i went to go lamande then I went to mrs.Hampton to go help her then she took me out side to help clean the shed outside for track.


i cleaned the white board and then cleaned the tables after i was done with that i put the chairs up on the tables and when to go make some copies and after that i graded some papers for her.


First thing i did was clean the board then i went to go make some copies after that i helped out German in the copy room while the printer was printing out the papers Mrs.Hampton asked for. After that i went back to her room like i was told and then i wrote on the board the daily fact.


first thing i had to do was go make some copies for Mrs.Hampton, After i had finished doing that i had to go to deliver some work for a student. After that i had to go back to Mrs.Hampton and I started to clean the board then write the date, homework and the daily fact. Then i had to go put up the chairs on the desk and clean the stuff off the floor.


Well Friday I did not work for Mrs.Hampton i had to go help out the teachers for the golf thing that they were going to have and help carry the stuff to their cars. I also help fill in the bags i didnt really get to do much.

May 25th

Wensday I worked for Mrs.Hampton I had to clean the white board and write the homework, date and the fact of the day. After that Mrs.Hampton said she was going to cookout to get us a milkshake and I said Okay. So well she was gone I had put the chairs up on top of the tables. After she had told be before she left to grade stuff that were in her drop box.

May 27th

Friday I had to clean the tables that were a mess because her students had worked on an activity so they used a lot of paper


  • Byrd middle school
  • Ridge Elementary
  • Skipwith Elementary


  • babysitting (work well with younger children)
  • translating (Spanish to English)
  • powerpoint and word programs


  • Take initiative and I am a self starter
  • Translate for my parents on a daily basis
  • Type fast

My Personal Reafernce

Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruce Timok, EFE Teacher, Byrd Middle School rbtimok@henrico.k12.va.us 804-750-2730