The life of an Earthworm

Earthworm dissection Michelle Tamez 4/4/14 VU-Pre-AP bio-1


An earthworm is an organism that helps break down dead organisms. An earthworm's scientific name is Lumbricina , and is a member of the phylum Annelida. An earthworm lives in soil, and is hunted by snakes, birds, rodents, and insects. The diet of an earthworm consists of any dead material. Earthworms have learned ways to adapt to their environment by, having bristly hairs, streamlined bodies, and circular muscles to help them move easier in the soil.

The digestive system of a Earthworm

The digestive system consist of the pharynx, the esophagus, the crop, the intestine, and the gizzard.

The digestive track of an earthworm starts when a earthworm takes in the soil and it goes into the mouth. The earthworm swallows the soil and it goes through its esophagus and lets the body release any extra calcium. Next, the food reaches the crop where it is stored and then the food is passed to the gizzard. In the gizzard food ids completely grinned. Lastly, the food moves into the intestinal wall which has blood vessels to help it digest the food and absorb and transport nutrients to the rest of the body.The digestive system gives nutrients to the rest of the body and organs, the body can not function without having a type of energy coming in.

Facts about earthworms:

Evolutionary relationship of an earthworm

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