S'more was early in our list of challenges, but not for me.

12 days of Techmas


We used Tagul in class to create a word card of our favorite Christmas song. The girls (I only have girls in the STL class) really liked creating these and had a hard time understanding what the Techmas Challenge was and why I did not know all 12 challenges. I tried to explain to them I did not create the challenges. You can see me tutorial video here.

The image is of one of my favorite. Our student population at school is over 60% Hispanic, so this just really fit.

I posted examples of their taguls on my blog at. http://www.brendahauff.com/3/post/2013/12/student-wordles-for-techmas-challenge-1.html


Our Padlet discussing Christmas traditions in your family can be found here. Its nice that others outside our class can contribute if you share the link. Thanks to those that shared with my class.

Today's Meet

We used today's Meet to tell a story about the sounds on the roof the night before Christmas. It was kinda funny how they did not really want to participate in the possibility that Santa could be real, for middle school kids. Out Today's Meet is no longer live, I only left it open for a couple weeks.

Students created Scratch cards and participated in Hour of Code Activities

I need to remember to take more pictures in class. Scratch was the more challenging and frustrating of challenges for use. It did not like having students in under just one email account. Our network also did not seem to like us those days. So I do not have any examples of their work. There cards were way more advanced than mine.

We will also be using several of the tools in the new year.