AIESEC TU Newsletter

August 2015 - October 2015

AIESEC Hangout #4.0

This time around, we are going to host a Hawaiian themed picnic by the lakeside on the 20th of August 2015.
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AIESEC TU Recruitment Drive August 2015

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Exchange Participant and Member Recruitment Drive is held on August at the Grand Hall and in front of SLC with the theme of HAPPINESS!! :D

We gave out balloons and pringles to those who signed up and in total of 3 days we had 325 sign ups! *clapsssss*

Thank you to those who are involved in making this recruitment drive a success!!


AIESEC Night is the night where students get to know more about what is AIESEC and why do we what we do :)

Assessment Day

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This is the time where we get so see new faces with burning passion!

LC Conference!

It's the first time we had our own LC Conference!

There is two track available, which are the Junior and Senior Track!!

Want to know who attended? ;)

Look at the pictures!!

*Special thanks to our alumni Elwin Chin and Osiris International for coming in to do a special talk on coaching during the senior track :)

Missed out? Don't worry!

You may refer here for the slides :

SUTU Induction Day!

In case you don't know what is SUTU, it is Sunway + Taylor's! :)

This time, we had our induction together with Sunway! Sounds exciting?

Yes it is! :D

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Special thanks to Local Committee of Sunway University for their wonderful partnership as well as Elwin Chin and Osiris International to conduct the session, "Emotional Intelligence" to all those who had participated :)

Key Message of the whole Induction : "I understand and remember the Clarity of Why, How & What of AIESEC whilst understanding that I have the power to take ownership of my own experience."


This time, the theme for AIESEC Hangout is.....


and, we had Big Hug Burger for dinner and MEEPLES for bonding and entertainment!

yeay! Missed out this hangout?

It's alright! there's more to come so stay tuned and join the next one!

EP Welcome Home Party!

Time to welcome our EPs ( Exchange Participants ) back from their exchange!
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ASEAN B.E.S.T. EPs Farewell Party and Welcoming Party!

time to say byebye to the ASEAN B.E.S.T. EPs :(

Till we see you again!

Thanks for coming to Malaysia :)

AND WELCOME MARY, an AIESECER from Kenya, who will be here for 8 weeks at the local NGO, EYE Project :)

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Member Recruitment Drive + Info Session for HELP!

Kudos to AIESEC in Specialized Unit HELP University for having their first member recruitment drive and info session at HELP University :)

HELP Exchange Participant Recruitment Drive!

EPRD was held at AIESEC in Specialized Unit Help University last September!

And they successfully get :

84 students to sign up for GCP
10 students to sign up for GTP
6 students to sign up for Zoom-In photography competition.

A total of 100 sign ups!

Thanks to the team for their hard work!

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IM4U Workshop

A very exciting workshop which is called Impact Malaysia.

It is a workshop based on Design Thinking model by Stanford School for Design!

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Outcampus EPRD @ TCSJ

Thanks to the team and everyone who helped out in making this a success!

We get a total of 59 sign ups for outcampus EPRD!

Special Of The Month!

Here's an interesting video about the life of the poor and the rich.

Watch it and lets all be thankful for what we have.

Life between poor and rich: Phenomena of life

Thanks for reading the long newsletter! Say HELLO to the interesting October!