Travel Flyer


Travel Information

Where you would be traveling?

Canada, because they have many wintery, tundras.

How do I get there from Atlanta?

You would travel by airplane, on Air Canada.

Transportation in Canada?

Many people that live in tundras use skies to move around, because the snow is hard to move across.

Clothes/Equipment needed for the tundra?

  • heavy clothing
  • heavy coats
  • socks
  • scarfs
  • ski wear
  • hats
  • gloves
  • skies

Weather and Enviroment

What is the weather like?

The weather is -30 F ,during the winter. During summer, it averages to 60 F or 45 F. The best time to go is during the summer, because it's warmer. The weather is more easier to handle, and you can enjoy your time in the beautiful Canada tundra.

What plants and animals will you see?

  • Arctic Wolves
  • Muskox & Bison
  • Bears


Symbiotic Relations:

Parasitism; The liver tapeworms live in the intestines of the wolf, taking its nutrition away.

Mutualism; Algea turns CO2 into sugar for the fungus, in retrurn the fungus provides protection for the algea.


  • The wolves are the predator, and the caribou are the prey.
  • The polar bears are the predator and the artic foxes are the prey.

Hows Humans Impact this ecosystem:

Humans impact this enviorment by messing up the food web. They interfer with the the animals shelter, causing the animals are not to be able to hunt. The humans also interfere by hunting the predators, prey.

Food Web

Endagered Species

Caribou are one the species that are going endangered very quickly.

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