Maverick Express November 2020


Thank you for your continued support as our teachers work hard to monitor and adjust to Comprehensive Distance Learning. The first quarter ends on November 12th and final grades will be posted to transcripts shortly thereafter. It is important that students finish the quarter strong and work with their teachers if they are struggling. Several classes for students will change at the quarter starting on November 16th, so it is important they check StudentVue prior to Quarter 2 on November 16th.

I want to update you on the anti-racism work our staff is doing this year to support all of our students academically and socially. The theme of our professional development this year is, "Culturally Responsive Teaching through Comprehensive Distance Learning." To that end, our staff is working with an AVID trainer around embedding Culturally Responsive Teaching techniques. Our departments are reviewing their curriculum to remove biases and to infuse more diversity in content.

Also, our staff are engaging in choice book groups to further our own educational journey and to add perspective and depth to our understanding of our diverse student population. The books staff have chosen to read are:

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? by Beverly Tatum, White Like Me by Tim Wise, So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, How to Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad, We Want To Do More Than Survive by Bettina L. Love, Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain by Zaretta Hammond, Cultivating Genius by Gholdy Muhammad, We Got This by Cornelius Minor, Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt, The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater.

The discussions our staff are engaging in help bring us closer together and are helping to ensure that we continue to deliver equitable practices and curriculum to our student body and community.

In addition, I have a diverse 9-12 grade student group called, The Principal's HERD (Here Everyone Respects Diversity), that works on identifying, addressing, and problem-solving areas of inclusion and belonging. I will send out applications for students in the next two weeks for interested students to apply in order to participate in our on-going discussions about school culture.

Together, we are committed to a school culture that allows us to:


If you have any questions about this information or about becoming involved at Mountainside, please do not hesitate to call our office at 503-356-3500.

Mountainside High School. Home of the Mavericks!!!

#MavUP! CONNECTED...together while apart


Todd Corsetti



To Our Families,

This fall we collectively experienced the confluence of three streams of change, COVID-19, a movement for racial and social justice, and the election of 2020. On their own, each is a major event that creates disruption in our lives, creates strong feelings or opinions, and affects our collective future. The conclusion of the election, the challenge of addressing the virus, and the ongoing national discussions about racial and social justice offer key lessons for our students about how our democracy addresses challenges and creates change. Our students are living through significant moments in history that bring authentic opportunities for us to learn together.

Developing an understanding of civic engagement is one of the most important roles of schools. Central to civic engagement is the ability to participate in productive exchanges of ideas and healthy disagreement of opinions. Although the results may not be final, we know on Wednesday our students will show up for learning with a variety of emotions, opinions, and questions. Our responsibility to all of our students is to ensure that they experience a safe and welcoming space. They are observers and participants in our nation’s democracy and they deserve the opportunity to discuss the results of the election.

We wish we could be together for these conversations but that is just not possible.

Nonetheless, we are committed to ensuring that students can express their opinions, ask

questions, and process their reactions. In some of our Thursday classes, students will have the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on the results of the election. Our teachers will work to ensure a safe and inclusive classroom climate, even remotely, for these conversations.


Bjorn Paige, ACMA

Matt Casteel, Aloha

Andrew Cronk, BASE

Anne Erwin, Beaverton

Paul Ottum, FLEX

Jill O’Neill, ISB

Rachel Sip, Merlo Station

Todd Corsetti, Mountainside

David Nieslanik, Southridge

John Huelskamp, Sunset

Michael Crandall, Terra Nova

Matt Pedersen, Westview


Due to the Veteran's Day Holiday on Wednesday, November 11th and the Grading Day on Friday, November 13th there is no school or check-ins on Wednesday or Friday. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be instructional days that week. In some quarter classes, there will be summative assessments given during the week for final grade.


Our school is participating in the Student Health Survey (SHS), a survey sponsored by the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division and the Oregon Department of Education. The survey will gather information about health risk behaviors of students in grades 6, 8 and 11. The survey will be conducted online during Advisory and includes questions about:

· Student health and safety

· Student mental and behavioral health

· School climate and culture

Completing the Student Health Survey poses minimal risk to your child, who may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable answering some of the questions. Survey procedures have been designed to protect your child's privacy and allow for anonymous participation. If your child is not comfortable answering a question, they can leave it blank. While we encourage all students to participate, the decision to participate is voluntary. You may opt to send a refusal for your child’s participation. Alternatively, your child will have the opportunity to refuse at the time of the survey. There will be no action against you or your child if your child does not participate.

If you do not wish your child to take this survey, return the form below to the principal’s office before the survey date of November 5, 2020. You need only return this form if you do not wish your child to participate.

The survey is available on the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Public Health website for you to review before the survey date at:

If you have other specific questions about the survey, please feel free to email Rod Barraclough at


We are excited to announce that the school district will allow us to participate in Season #1 starting as early as Nov 9, 2020. There was a district statement sent out by email Friday to our entire community explaining how and why we will have workouts.

Note: these workouts are not mandatory for athletes OR coaches to participate.

Some of our coaches may hold off to start season one due to the timing with the holidays around the corner and the fact their season may not be coming up soon. We fully support those coaches who wish to wait to start any conditioning or training.

All athletes must have the following in order to participate

NOTE-All these forms must be completed through the district InTouch system which can be found through parent view at

We will not be accepting any forms on site.

There is no athletic fee for participation in Season 1.

  • An updated Medical Physical Form on file with the school
  • A valid Athletic Participation Form on file with the school
  • A BSD COVID Waiver Clearance Form on file with the school

In addition to these three requirements we are working through the details to have athletes also get their Impact testing completed from home. Look for further information coming soon.

We will do everything to make this a safe environment and one that is beneficial for our student athletes. Season #2, #3, and #4, are still slated to happen at this time, but that could obviously change. We hope to have information confirming season #2 very soon.

Again, these workouts are NOT required and it in no way will influence eventual team placement during the regular season. If you do wish to participate, please make sure to complete the required documents as any athlete that is not cleared will not be allowed to participate.

For any questions, please contact your head coach or Athletic Director Bryan Sorenson at

Take care and GO MAVS!!!


Monte’s Closet is a service at Mountainside High School, located in the Counseling Office, that provides free clothing, personal items, and school supplies to students and families in need. Monte’s Closet is a judgement free and completely confidential room where families who need a little extra help can access basic necessities.

Monte’s Closet is made possible through generous donations from our MHS community. If you have a need please contact Social Worker Amy Wirtz so she can add items to the Monte's Closet Amazon Wish List.

If you would like to donate to Monte’s Closet, please check out Monte's Closet Amazon Wish List and consider purchasing an item or items listed.

If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact our Social Worker Amy Wirtz-


What is CAS?

Creativity - Activity - Service

CAS takes the place of service hours for our IB Full-Diploma candidates. CAS is one of the three core elements necessary to receive the IB Diploma. CAS has been designed to provide students with opportunities to apply the traits of the IB Learner Profile in a realistic and relevant manner. CAS is an opportunity for students to pursue their interests and passions through individual and group experiences. These experiences will allow students to:

  • develop a strong sense of self-determination

  • take risks and explore new opportunities, experiences, and roles

  • strengthen their collaboration skills

  • experience a sense of pride and accomplishment

  • become a more reflective thinker

  • understand the impact they can have in their community and/or on a global scale

An essential component of the CAS experience is for the student to select opportunities over the course of 18 months during their junior and senior years that will allow them to connect, explore, and pursue areas in their life that they are genuinely interested in and passionate about. A requirement of CAS is involvement in a CAS Project. A CAS project is a collaborative, well-considered series of sequential CAS experiences, engaging students in one or more of the CAS strands of creativity, activity, and service. CAS students must be involved in at least one CAS project during their CAS program.


Schedule Change Requests for Quarter 2

The second quarter will begin on Monday, November 16. Students who have a hole in their schedule or who need to request a schedule change, may request a change using the digital Schedule Change Request Form (see link below). This form is a Google form and students will need to be logged into Google with their BSD login to be able to access the form.

Please note:

  • The deadline to submit quarter two Schedule Change Requests is Tuesday, November 10, at 3:30pm. This will allow counselors to make changes prior to the start of the new Quarter.
  • Schedule Change Requests will only be accepted via the Schedule Change Request form. We will not accept requests via email.
  • Due to when classes are scheduled, and/or class sizes, some requested changes may not be possible.
  • Schedule Change Requests may only be made for the following reasons: to fill a hole in your schedule, to change the level of a course, or to replace a course that you previously passed.

Schedule Change Request Form- link to Google Form:

Erin’s Law Lessons

In July of 2015, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 856, also known as Erin’s Law, which requires schools to provide child sexual abuse prevention instruction, kindergarten through grade 12. Schools will be responsible for developing an instructional plan to implement a minimum of four sexual abuse prevention lessons each year that meets the needs of all students in their building addressing the following topics and skills:

Topics Addressed

Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships

Teen Dating Violence

Sexual Assault/Abuse

Skills Addressed

Techniques to Recognize Sexual Abuse

Effective Communication Skills to Establish Boundaries

Skills to Tell a Trusted Adult

The grade level learning targets and materials have been thoughtfully reviewed by district teachers, administrators, parents, community representatives and health professionals to ensure that the content is medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, and acceptable to the community.

At Mountainside, the Erin’s Law Lessons are taught as part of our Wellness Unit in Advisory. Erin’s Law Lessons for 11th and 12th grade students who are currently in Advisory will begin at the end of November; lessons for 9th grade students will be taught in Advisory in January. Erin’s Law lessons will be taught in 10th grade Advisory classes, and the additional 11th and 12th grade Advisory classes, during 2nd semester.

New - Community Service Pre-Approval & Reflection Form

Mountainside is excited to announce a new online Community Service Google form. The form is located in Canvas on the Mountainside High Student page. The form is active and available for student use. Follow the Steps below to complete your Community Service Pre-Approval & Reflection Form.

Step 1: Fill out the Student information and the Name of the Organization for which you will be volunteering. Provide a brief description of the proposed activity.

Step 2: Staff Pre-Approval of your proposed Community Service activity is required. Staff who can approve activities include: Advisory teachers, Counselors, Mrs. Mishkin in the College & Career Center and Mrs. Ochoa in the Counseling Office. Email is acceptable if you are not able to get an in-person approval.

Step 3: Talk with your parents; ask them to approve your community service activity. Have your parents sign and date the Parent/Guardian Agreement. When providing a Parent/Guardian name and date in this section, you have confirmed parent/guardian approval.

Step 4: Participate in your Community Service Activity.

Step 5: All Community Service activities require adult supervision. Provide the Activity Supervisor Confirmation information; Name of Supervisor, date activity was completed, and the number of hours completed.

Step 6: Complete student reflection questions.

Step 7: Student Signature Acknowledgement. This is an important section. When you type your full name and date in this section, you will confirm the information you have provided is accurate and truthful.

If you have questions regarding the community service form, please contact our College and Career Staff.

Counselor Emily O'Quinn

Specialist Sue Mishkin

Career Related Learning Experiences

Career Related Learning Experiences (or CRLEs) are an important part of developing career readiness skills.

Due to COVID-19 and the Comprehensive Distance Learning model this fall, the school-based CRLE opportunities will look a little different this year. Students will be given the opportunity to complete a CRLE by researching career and continuing education opportunities in an Advisory lesson. Students may also choose to attend one of the virtual college representative visits that are available to all BSD students (see the MHS Students course in Canvas for a calendar of remaining visit opportunities) throughout the month of November.

If students choose to complete independent CRLEs, separate from the school-based CRLE opportunities listed above, they must have parent/guardian permission to pursue those opportunities to ensure that the parents/guardians feel that the activity is safe and appropriate for their child.

Students are expected to complete one CRLE each year as a part of the Career Education credit which is required for graduation. Please note: the CRLE requirement has been waived for Class of 2021 students.

To document a completed CRLE, students should complete the digital CRLE Reflection Form that will be available in the MHS Students Canvas course next week. Please note: this form will be a Google form and students will need to be logged into Google with their BSD login to be able to access the form.

club hope


Club Hope needs your help! Club Hope is a club here at Mountainside dedicated to supporting students experiencing homelessness through advocacy, awareness, assistance & outreach. Last year the Beaverton School District had over 2,500 students experiencing homelessness, with about 40 at MHS. This year we are on track and unfortunately expected to have more. So, we need the incredible Mav community!!! Club Hope has always given Hope Baskets to students during the birthdays (or as close as possible depending on mobility and identification of homelessness). The baskets include necessities, a few fun items and a MHS t-shirt and spirit gear thanks to generous donations from MPACT. How can you help? To keep on creating the baskets and providing these much needed necessities, we need donations from community members! To donate, we created an Amazon wish list where you can purchase items. Here is the link to the Amazon wish list: These items will be delivered to MHS and all will go into our Hope Baskets and given to MHS students experiencing homelessness (according to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act). It would be amazing if you are able to donate!

If you and/or your family are experiencing homelessness, please contact a MHS counselor, someone at MHS, or call the BSD H.E.L.P. Center at 503.356.5071 (English) / 503.356.5072 (Español).

Thank you!

MHS Club Hope

picture retakes

Dorian Studios will be providing a retake picture day sometime in the second semester. Details will be sent out to families once a day and schedule is added to the calendar. Stay tuned.



At Mountainside, the only way to purchase a yearbook is by going directly to the Jostens website: Yearbook sales are not done through the ParentVue online portal.

Yearbooks are now $40 and will remain this price until March 31, 2021.


While this year will be different, the yearbook team will still include important traditions for the seniors. Seniors will be able to send in a photo of their choosing to be in the yearbook and a quote for free.

Please follow these requirements for senior photos & quotes

  • Vertical portrait. Head And shoulders only no horizontal poses.

  • Front facing photos only.

  • Color only.

  • Indoor or outdoor background is okay.

  • Props are okay as long as the face is visible.

  • It is not required that a professional takes the photo, but the resolution of the photo needs to be at least 300 dpi (8000x8000 pixels MAX).

  • Make sure the photo is not blurry.

  • Make sure the photo is bright enough to clearly see your face.

  • The file must be JPEG.

  • Add the photo, not the link.

  • Keep in mind that these photos will be cropped at the shoulder to approximately 2" wide x 3" high.

  • Senior quotes will be due on Friday January 15th, 2021.

  • Senior photos will be due on Friday January 15th, 2021.

Please send in senior quotes & photos to:

Please follow these directions for senior ads

This year, parents, guardians, or students will have the option to create their own format for their senior ads on

  • Senior ads will be due on Monday February 1st, 2021.

Senior ad prices

  • Full page : $75

  • ½ page: $50

  • ¼ page: $35

  • ⅛ page: $25

Further Info

To keep up to date on all things MHS Yearbook, please follow us on Instagram: @mountainsideyearbook

Yearbook Advisor: Kathryn Noah -

Yearbook Staff:



To our Mountainside students, staff, parents, and community,

Happy November! Wow, we can’t believe that we are almost through our first quarter of online learning. Remember, if anyone is struggling and would like someone to talk to, please contact anyone on the Student Council as we are always there for you all. We wanted to bring to your attention that starting November 4th, Student Council will be hosting Student Council meetings open to the whole student body. Students can come listen to what events we are panning, bring up any concerns they may have, propose ideas, and/or ask us any questions they may have. These will occur on the first Wednesday of every month at 11:00am. Reminders and links to join will be sent out through Canvas Announcements on those Wednesdays. Can’t wait to see you there!

Honoring our Healthcare Heroes Week, November 9-13

Friday, November 13 is World Kindness Day! To celebrate, we have decided to add a new event to honor all of the strong, brave, and amazing health care heroes in our community. Although COVID has impacted us all, our frontline health care workers have been impacted tremendously. As a school, we want to give back to these workers and show them as much love and appreciation as possible. To do this, we are creating a Honoring Our Healthcare Heroes Week that will take place from November 9-13. During this week we will have a week-long card drive. From the hours of 7:30-3:30 students can come by MHS and drop off handmade cards that we will deliver to St.Vincent's! Students can receive an hour of community service for this, so make sure to take pictures! Specific details can be found at During this week we will also be spotlighting all of the hard work healthcare workers have been doing during COVID and sharing videos/stories on our social media. Thank you for helping us give back to our healthcare heroes!!

Clothing Orders For Pick Up

There are still some Pink Week, Spirit Shirts, and Leadership clothing orders that haven't been picked up yet. You can pick those up at MHS from 7:30-3:00, Monday through Friday. Seniors, if you didn't pick-up the senior shirt you ordered on picture day, or are waiting for the second order to arrive, we will let everyone know through Wednesday Announcements and social media when they are available for pick-up once they are done.

Socktober Results

Thank you to everyone who donated to Socktober! We received 1,500 pairs of regular socks and 180 pairs of fuzzy socks, for a total of 1,680 socks. All of the normal socks that you donated will go to the Beaverton Clothes Closet and our own Monte’s Closet, and the fuzzy socks will go to Breast Friends of Oregon. We are very proud of our school's outstanding participation and giving back to our community. Make sure that you hold on to the pictures of the socks you donated so you can get your service hour, and thanks again Mavs!

Holiday Sharing Drive

From November 30th to December 11th, Mountainside will be hosting our Holiday Sharing Drive. In this event, Mountainside students will have an incredible opportunity to buy single item gifts for families in our school as well as seven of our feeder schools during this difficult time. If you donate one or more items, you’ll earn a service hour. Sign-ups for this event will begin November 23rd. You can turn your donations in from November 30th to December 11th to bins located in front of the school any weekday from 7:30am-3:30pm. Please pay attention to upcoming Wednesday announcements and social media for more detailed information.

Participating schools will be Mountainside, Highland Park, Conestoga, Sexton Mountain, Cooper Mountain, Chehalem, Hazeldale, and Nancy Ryles.

Virtual Club Fair

Hey all, we just wanted to say thank you for an excellent turnout in Club Fair which was held October 14th. It was super exciting and really awesome to get to see all the clubs! Thank you as well to all of the clubs for submitting your Google slide. All were beautiful, and greatly organized, and we all enjoyed getting to see Mountainside represented with clubs in such a fun way. If you are still interested in looking at and joining one of our clubs, the Club Fair Slides link is located below. Clubs are also listed on our MHS school website.

Club Fair Slideshow :



We are excited about launching our new MPACT’s parent group on Facebook! This gives the parents of Mountainside High School students the opportunity to stay connected, share information and have conversations.

Join us at


We know there have not been many volunteer opportunities at Mountainside High School over the last 6 months or so, but we are hoping to have some in the near future. If you are new to Mountainside, please take a moment to update your MyImpactPage volunteer account so that you'll receive emails from us about these opportunities. You can do this by sending an email to and asking them to add Mountainside to your profile.

If you are new to volunteering in the Beaverton School District, you can go to to fill out a background check application and create your online MyImpactPage volunteer profile.

Volunteers are, and will continue to be, an important part of the WE in the District’s goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success. Thank you very much for sharing your valuable time and talents with students and staff! Please contact volunteer coordinators Kristen Yoerger and Kelly Hansen at if you have any questions.


The Mountainside Parent And Community Team is pleased to offer $5,000 in scholarship awards to this year’s graduating seniors. MPACT is looking for Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class parents/guardians to help facilitate the scholarship process by forming a Scholarship Committee. Committee members will work together to craft a scholarship application essay prompt, develop scoring criteria, establish an application deadline and distribution plan, formulate submission and review procedures, and collaborate with appropriate Mountainside staff to communicate scholarship information with the senior class.

Joining MPACT’s Scholarship Committee is a great way to support and recognize Class of 2021 students as they pursue their educational journey beyond Mountainside. If you are interested in participating on the committee, please contact Dani Cohen at


Stay safe but showcase your Mavs spirit and purchase masks for yourself or the whole family at

grad night 2021

Hey Senior Parents, the school year might have just started but it is not too early to be thinking about Senior Grad Night!! We’re definitely going to have to be creative this year to celebrate our students’ big night, so we would like all of you to be a part of the planning. We will have our first planning meeting in October and also elect committee leadership (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Registration, Fundraising and more). To learn more or to volunteer to be a part of this year’s fun contact .

dates to remember

Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day - No School

Nov. 12 - End of Quarter 1

Nov. 13 - Grading Day - No School

Nov. 16 - Start of Quarter 2

Nov. 25-27: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 21-Jan. 1 - Winter Break

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